Thursday, June 30, 2011

TCB, Lunch 'n' River Views

When taking care of business with Joe procures an alfresco lunch by the river, I'm happy to keep him company, by riding shotgun. 

Such was today. Ah... a lovely way to appreciate our freedoms, as we reflect upon the upcoming weekend. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do The Math, Please

Mr. D. wrote this song when he was 19. He sang it to an elated audience, last night, at the age of 70. Then, he swung into the reggae version of the tune, as covered by UB40. My pals know just how it feels to be a fan for all these years... for me, since 1966... and to still have reason to celebrate with and for him. He's been playing two-hour shows to packed houses and rave reviews, in Europe, as part of World Tour 2011. Bring it home, Neil. We can't wait to share space, once again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good-Mistake Avocado Dressing

We mistakenly picked up Sabra yogurt dip, rather than hummus. A little of it blended beautifully with a ripened avocado, fresh lemon juice and chopped scallions. A million ways to put it to good use... 
Prepare per amount needed, as anything
with avocado will quickly darken and
become unappealing
Tonight, it shall make an appearance on a simple salad of hearts of romaine, vine-ripened tomatoes, carrots and pine nuts. Delicious.
Buon Appetito ♥


Used to be that I groomed Mambo's face and derriere. Then, I was informed by the groomer... 
"I don't do his legs." 
"So, what do you do?" asked I. 
"Trim his nails, cut his body hair and give him a bath." 
And that's when it happened - I began doing the whole big man, even the 'tween. Let me tell you, it's a workout... for the canine, that is. Gotta luv him and the entire bonding experience. Sigh. Now, he'll sleep for the rest of the day, while his human just moves along to the next Tuesday task. To the pro, I say...
"Anything you can do, I can do better...
I can do anything better than you."Irving Berlin
$$$$'s in the bank and a very cute do. 

Just Sayin'

Sure you do. You know someone who repeatedly opines offensively, then to add, "Just sayin'." Right? Passive-aggressive to the core. Ah, beware; there's a whole new set of meanings out there.

(link) Urban Dictionary: 
A term coined to be used at the end of something insulting or offensive to take the heat off you when you say it.

Jordan: Anna you have really let yourself go. 

Anna: What the hell! What is your freaking problem?! 

Jordan: Just sayin' 

Anna: Oh well in that case, I suppose its okay. 

Jordan: Friends? 

Anna: Fer Sure

Monday, June 27, 2011

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Accommodating Model - Real Time

After popping "Tens" into the oven, I went outside, sans camera, to gather a few yellow Day Lilies, all in anticipation of Christian's arrival later today. This beauty greeted me and actually awaited my reappearance - with camera. A great photo shoot ensued. This is the "Best Of". The sun shines.



Why Not?

Signing The Bill 
Just the other day, Mom's ex-bossfriend from A & S's (I'm talkin' forty years ago here) phoned my number, instead of hers. It seems that she and I reside next to each other, in his phone directory. We had a great chat. "I'm so glad I made the mistake," said he, in saying our good-byes. He's a great guy; and he's had one partner for over thirty years, now. Each has been successful in the business world. They share beautiful digs in the Big Apple. Through serious sickness and in health, they've been a devoted team. 
Why not?

Lookin' back even further, I can envision Dad's gardening pal on Block Boulevard, in Massapequa. Kitty and he shared many a design decision. Her partner, Carolyn, would supervise and suggest, just like Mom. Ronnie and I never heard a derogatory word uttered about them, when we were kids. They were simply Dad's friends and our neighbors. We had enough issues of our own, with the family's Jews and Catholics trying to figure out how to maintain peace... if you know what I mean (nd). No time to judge others. So... 
Why not?

Back to the future, we've had a same-sex couple as neighbors for about ten years, now. When they bought the big, neglected two-story, there was some scuttlebutt working its way around the hood. It subsided, as the house grew more beautiful, daily. They maintain another residence in the city and again, seem successful and committed. 
Why not?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bose Knows Best - An FYI Report

About five or six years ago, we purchased Bose sound docks for B/K and C/D, for Christmas. I remember thinking to myself, "Ah, now that's my desire." I felt like a teenager on Christmas morning, when mindreader Joe presented me with his gift. "OMG!" shrieked I,
 "How did you KNOW?"

A few months ago, Bose began burping, its cumbersome power source weak at the pins. C/D's had earlier shown similar symptoms, thus Dawn recommended a call to the company, whose replacement policy is beyond fair. The new model is portable (long battery life!), with a greatly improved power pack. Even outdoors, when set on low, undistorted sound projects seriously 
beautiful noise. Amazing.

Though price-dropping's not my thing, it's essential here to mention that the newbie sells for $400. Bose did a swap with my old model for $200. I hope this info is helpful to someone. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Are The Chances, Diamond Fans?

MSG '08 by Joe

With Mr. D. touring, there's lots of hubbub out there, a fact that led me to an info search and discovery of this old post
I found it to be an interesting read. So, fellow fans, enjoy time spent considering such a temp assignment. Sigh.

End Result

So, you know the story of the failed photo project... too big, too busy, too much. We settled for this, reproduced on canvas from a favorite of my photos. 
I hope you like.

Girl Power

Profoundly Prolific Miss, Second In
If I explained the title, you wouldn't believe me. Suffice it to say that this piece is dedicated to Tigger, with acknowledgment to our friend, ESP.

Unruly Mister Afar
Hens Spawn Chicks
Even in Tree-dom, we girls rock. Okay, cut the snickering. Instead, consider the Holly Tree. To come to fruition, sure there must be a male and a female. But it's the latter that bears the fruit. Cool, right? Ask me how I know.

Spawned directly from my parents is my love of gardening: indoors from Mom and outdoors from Dad, who wanted to transplant beloved Holly babies from Massapequa to our then-new home in 1971, here in Monti. I was afraid they'd not survive, settling for Hens 'n' Chicks and a variety of other smaller offspring, from his garden. Then, we purchased and planted young trees - two females and one male.
Tiny Green Berries Will Be Plump 'n' Red
Sure, the Mister grew to great size and girth; but the Misses flowered each Spring, green-berried each Summer, and red-berried each Fall and Winter, since.

Toddler Transplant
The girls continue to share beauty and wisdom, via strong root systems. I transplant often, to grace many corners of our property with the species. Yes! Of course I gift them, along with Dad's Chicks for ground-cover. Spread the word... we rock.
Shiny Purple Girl Symbol Gifs Images

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Real Time - A Young 'Un

Look Again! It's Not Mambo.
Funny thing is that last night, just as Joe returned home from work, I thought I'd spotted a bear, running through the woods beyond the second pool fence. Joe went out to explore, finding only a few grazing deer. Soooooo.....

When Mambo began going nuts a few moments ago, I glanced into the unfenced front yard, just in time to see Blackie scale the stone wall and head to Jim's. Of course, I grabbed my camera and shot a few, but sure do wish I'd had my Super Duper 300mm on. C'est la vie. You get the gist. Must be summer, or something. :-)

Summertime - The Livin' Is Easy

Plan B - Shootin' The Rapids

Ah, the fate of many a well made plan. A nasty strep bug bit Sweet Chloe, making her quite ill, thus canceling our Minnewaska date. She's on the mend now, thank Goodness. We had Aubs and Gav for the weekend and offered them an altered trip to Minne or Plan B, a pool day. They chose the latter. So, we kicked off Saturday with some serious kayaking. It can be exhausting, and even the Grands need a break, now and again. Not to worry; they knew when to sneak a few zzzzz's. Gav resisted the sunbathing part, but when Aubs insisted, he caved, saying, "Okay; whatever you say." A trip to tiny Big Nanny's with a pizza afforded me a nice photo op to capture Gramps with the kiddies. Later, sleep came easy and fast, gearing everyone up for Sunday, Father's Day. Joe was in for a treat.
Together, the kids made nutritious pancake batter with my standard ingredients: banana, yogurt, cinnamon, egg, milk and whole wheat pancake flour. Aubs tended the stove, while Gav guarded the stairs to keep G'pa away. He also readied the tray with some Day Lilies; Mambo had fetched the Sunday paper. This prep was taken very seriously.
Finally, it was time! Yeah, that's right... Life Is Good. Sigh. G'pa deserves to be treated like the Prince that he is. He was thrilled. Our Babes were precious.
Back to the pool, for another workout. Ike and Mambo assumed their sentry positions, to guard. Ike perked up for a photo shoot, in which he assumed an erect posture that belies his age and smaller size. It was that kind of an inspiring weekend.
No happy time would be complete without spreading a little joy. Aubrey thought of an incredibly kind idea for doing so. Here's a sneak preview of her, at work. The rest of this chapter shall soon follow. 
As for our celebrant? He commented, "The kids didn't stop smiling, all weekend long!
Peace Out. xo

The Big Man

Done Too Soon-Clarence Clemons

Friday, June 17, 2011

Virtual Loss

Today brought news of the death of a fellow blogger, whose valuable and interesting opinions on a wide range of topics always offered food for thought and comment. We didn't always agree. We'd never met. I only knew her by a pen name. A woman seemingly very loving and supportive of her family. Accomplished. Highly intelligent. A former teacher and then lawyer; most recently an advocate for and volunteer to the downtrodden. Already, I miss her. A virtual acquaintance. A friend? The new world, with its virgin frontiers to explore and deal with. Surreal emotions, perhaps. Tangible, nonetheless.
May she rest in peace.

Gus 'n' Gavin

First Love
So, Father's Day is almost here, again. It's time to pay tribute to our men. We are blessed with good ones. After all, family matters most. 

It saddens me that my Dad has missed so much. Thank G-d he celebrated the births of Brian and Christian, with us. But they were so little, when he died. I try my damnedest to keep his memory alive. It's tough, though, for my kids to relate, let alone my Grands, his Greats. Nonetheless, sometimes my efforts take hold.

During a sleepover, last winter, Gavin was busting me about having second choice of rooms to sleep in. Aubs put dibs in first, choosing Uncle Christian's room.
"But, Honey," said I, " this is your Daddy's room. Look at some of the things still hanging around!"
With serious contemplation, Gav checked out various items, and then asked, "Who was your Daddy, G'ma."
"My Daddy is your Great G'pa Gus, who sadly died before you were born. Thank you so much for asking, Honey."
"I'd like to see Great G'pa Gus's picture."
"Okay; in the morning I'll show you lots of pictures. He's even framed on walls, so that'll be easy."
"I want to see now, G'ma."
"No, Honey; in the morning. Sweet dreams; G-d bless;
 I love you."
"I love you, too, G'ma."
"So, you think you
can dance?" 

Need I tell you the first words tumbling from those pretty little lips, when morning rolled around? Photos and stories ensued, and an indelible memory of Great G'pa Gus was born. Moving along...
About six months later, we were celebrating Easter Sunday. I brought along a vintage treasure, by way of a handmade wooden rabbit with alabaster egg. I gave it to the children, with instructions to take good care of it. Mom was with us, of course, and I explained to them that she and their Great G'pa had given it to their Daddy when he was a tiny baby, for his first Easter. I further told them that Uncle Christian hadn't yet been born... that's how long ago it was. They listened attentively, and then, Gavin looked at me and blurted out:
"I miss Great G'pa Gus."
My heart swelled; Mom was flabbergasted. My two G-Men are bonded, after all. Actually, I can feel the bond between all of my Good Men. Happy Father's Day, Joe, Brian and Christian. I love you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Venus Warned Mars

Ignoring the advice Venus so generously dispensed, Mars power-played his derriere right down to the concrete. Yep, he just didn't believe that the mesh sling needed replacing. Ahhh, c'est la vie. Venus just hates to say, 
"Je vous ai dit ainsi!"

Surreal Bloomin' Begonias

Sorting The Facts

Architectural Masterpiece
In a case of self-doubt, I'm wondering if I identified the fallen bird's egg properly for Gavin, recently. The nest pictured here is deep inside of the Weeping Cherry Tree, often pictured on CMI in early Spring, when it is laden with white blooms. Thing is, a Catbird and a Robin take turns perching atop the tree, many times over the course of the day. Lo and behold, I've just learned that a Catbird's eggs are the same gorgeous shade of blue as a Robin's. I'm confused. Maybe it's an inter-species union? It will take disciplined observation to determine the answer to this mystery. 
I'll keep y'all posted.