Saturday, July 30, 2016

Planting the Seeds for our Children and Grandchildren - Hillary Clinton

These are scary times. This is a scary election process. With thought, is there a choice?
Congratulations, Hillary Clinton. May your incredible accomplishments, qualifications and sanity win.
“And though we may not live to see the glory, as the song from the musical ‘Hamilton’ goes, let us gladly join the fight, let our legacy be about planting seeds in a garden you never get to see. That’s why we’re here, not just in this hall, but on this earth.” HC

Thanks, Honey ♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Favorite

We're loving the window box, this year… it's the addition of those purple pompoms that did it for us.

What's Next - Pink Flamingos??

Not a fan of lawn ornaments, here, unless they are living, breathing trees, shrubs or flowers. But I caved. Yes, Joe fell in love with the lighthouse - voilà. But then came the geese…

Remember them? How "cute" and "serene" they were, swimming by on Golden Pond. Thing is, they grow. And they eat lawns, pulling the gorgeous, tender greens out by the roots. And they defecate. BIG TIME. We can't have that… well, Joe can't have that and he's become obsessed. After trying every means possible to keep them from accessing our lakefront property, I awakened one morning to find this obnoxious thing staring back at me…
It's a coyote, vicious on both sides. But it doesn't work. Just as instinctive as all of God's creatures great and small, the geese realize it doesn't move.

What's next? Pink flamingos???

Serious Sunday Sunshine

This past Sunday brought us back to the (link) Mountain Brauhaus to toast Christian's 43rd. We missed Dawn but had an incredible time with C and the kids. They love good food and trying new restaurants; even Lyla, not quite four, enjoyed a nice, long, seemingly-adult experience. As for Christian, he declared it his new favorite restaurant and had no recollection at all of having given us a gift certificate for the Brauhaus! 
The waitresses at this old family establishment are fabulous. This time, Melissa made sure our visit was perfection, quickly learning the kids' names and totally enraptured by their good manners and adventuresome ordering. She also put a birthday candle on Christian's dessert coffee. He was then serenaded by us and restaurant staff. He took it well :-). And the kids were thrilled.

Giving thanks for a happy day and a beautiful family.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Morning Moon

Early mornings on the dock offer the sunrise in the east and moonset in the west. Exquisite enhancers for a cuppa.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tropical Heat Wave

It's hot! Even here on Golden Pond. But we have choices. The roadside of the house is currently about ten degrees hotter than the lakeside. The shady dock on the water is breezy and delightful. When Old Sol hits it, though, it's intense. Time to move under the deck onto the pretty patio. Still a gorgeous view. We are blessed.

Before 'n' After

My girlfriend, Linda, used to tease me - she thought I had the longest birthdays ever. Therefore, I'd be remiss were I not to mention Corey's early flowers and BKAG's after visit. It's nice to feel the lovin'. But I seem to be getting shorter...
Thanks, Loves.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Together, We Are 113 ♥

Last Saturday, July 16th, was my 70th birthday. It's an astounding number, one I'm grateful to have reached. On my 27th birthday in 1973, I vividly recall having gone to my doctor's, bag packed and thinking, "Surely, our baby is going to be born on this date." Well, that didn't happen. He told me to be patient. Just six days later, Christian arrived. July 22nd. All healthy and robust and positively beautiful. What a day in our lives. Such a blessing and now 43 years old with his own gorgeous and loving family. You've met them all.  
I'm missing my today-hug, but how sweet of the kids to come celebrate last weekend. We had an exquisite day - one to cherish. Christian and Dawn did everything, giving Joe et moi a much needed break after my hospital stay (a story for another day). Thanks so much, my Loves.

There are no words to express the gratitude I have for this day in our lives. We love you beyond words, Sunshine.
Happy, Happy Birthday.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Michelle - Should Have Been 20, Today ♥

Always loving and missing this beautiful child...

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Blast from the Not-So-Distant Past

Well, okay, maybe more distant than memory serves! :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Great Fourth!

Sure, "tomorrow" became a few days later; but hey, I'm here! Just as the kids are growing by leaps and bounds, so does time slip away, even when intentions are good. Time. Our most precious commodity. I digress…
The Fourth is such a great holiday. Festive. Fun. Food and fireworks laden. A time to express heartfelt appreciation to our military for the endless work they do to secure our freedoms. Our day to celebrate was on Sunday, thanks to Christian's orchestration in getting everyone together… no easy task, with schedules relentlessly factoring in. It ended up being a perfect choice, weather~wise. Saturday's gale-force winds would have kept the Babes out of the water. No joke! And we can't have that!!! Several brave sailors spent the better part of the day righting their downed Hobies. But Sunday? Ahhh… perfection.
Those kids! They fall into their play patterns without skipping a beat. It is truly precious. Before they hit the water in various crafts, Hunter played his newest piece for us and a couple neighbors. Linda thought this granny exaggerated. She was in awe. Thank you so much, Honey.
Another portrait was on my agenda. They obliged. Serious and then silly. There is nothing like GrandLovin'…
Last year...
And then, my Sons/my Suns obliged me with this fabulous pose. Love my boys.
Even an eagle cooperated.
The day flew by. So, what else is new? But we were so happy. Then, on the actual Fourth, Bri's brood came back to watch fireworks with us, here on Golden Pond.
Giving thanks.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday, America! We Love You!

We have one more event to round out our fabulous weekend. I'll be back tomorrow to tell the whole story. Meanwhile, we give thanks to all military personnel who protect our freedoms on a daily basis. Freedom is so not free. And we remember Elie Wiesel who never let us forget how fragile life can be… rest in peace.

Now, it's outside to this (darkened) view and our fireworks. Tradition.