Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seamless Segue

Home, Sweet Home -
"The most excellent place of all..." ND.
Home is by far the most perfect place to acknowledge just why we'll celebrate Memorial Day, tomorrow. Without those who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy, there would be no beautiful vacation, blathering blog, or warm abode to return to. We hang our flag with pride and deep, sincere gratitude, as we remember.
"Freedom is not free." Dr. MLK, Jr.

Friday, May 28, 2010


The last dune village before the North Carolina/Virginia border is named Carova: Caro for Carolina and va for Virginia. It is only accessible by four-wheel drive. To its adventurous permanent residents, it offers a unique tranquility, derived from being thrown back in time to an era gone by. There are no stores. The fire station carries limited emergency supplies. Yesterday morning, we met one such resident, a Carolla shop owner who actually commutes daily from Carova. We were intrigued. She happily answered our endless queries about what life is like, living all year in such an isolated area, on such a magnificent beach.

As a child, she lived in Norfolk, VA, where she attended school during the week. Then, every single weekend of all seasons, her parents took her to the Outer Banks. She just loved this lifestyle. When she graduated high school, her parents announced their permanent move to the OBX; she moved with them. She met and married her husband, and they bought a small beach house. They now have a beautiful, five-year-old son... and wild horses in their backyard. Gardening is not much of an option; but then, the beach is in their front yard.

She shrugged off our question regarding the inconvenience of a sandy, wet commute... no problem there. She becomes dreamy-eyed when speaking of the off-season beaches she enjoys romping on with her son. "It's never that cold; we bundle up and go to the beach, all year long." Joe and I wonder about schooling for her child. Somehow, we know he'll be just fine. He has an amazingly loving and grateful Mom.

Fabulous Friday

On a scale of one to ten, today was about a one hundred... absolutely spectacular and so serene. Funny, but I had a strong feeling that we'd see horses on our way to choosing a spot; and we did. Then, during our late afternoon ride, we experienced three more sightings. It was incredible to see the mare and her offspring in the dunes. We stayed for the longest time, watching the foal nurse. Momma gave Baby a nudge with her hoof, when she decided that they needed to wander back into denser territory. Amazing.

The Corolla horses are just magnificent. If you'd like to learn more about them, please visit this link. Of Spanish heritage, they've managed to retain their unique features, such as compact size, gorgeous colors and long manes. Each time we spot one, it is a thrill all over again.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Flyin' with the pelicans.... Kitty Hawk IS nearby...
Lone stallion in the dunes...
Where North Carolina meets Virginia, on the beach...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moon Dance

OBX Today - No Words

Stills by Nicki ♡ Video byJoe
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Dreams, Hot Stuff ♥

Yes, I still love you... now that you're sixty-four!


Joe and I agree in thinking that Crystal is our Idol 2010. Tonight's votes shall tell tomorrow's story. Awesome talent, all around.

We congratulate classy, sweet Lee. As I've mentioned before (link), he's been a pleasure to watch and enjoy. We're sad to see the season end with Simon leaving the show; but it shall go on.

An absolute highlight tonight was the appearance of Bret Michaels. His was a miraculous recovery, for which we are grateful. We wish him continued stable and good health. 
Here's to the music...whatever, wherever and whomever the source!

Surreal Estate

Always, this would be my view of choice. It is the view from the dunes. One Mr. Twiddy seems to monopolize the surreal estate here in the OBX. Beyond the fence in Corolla, and all the way to the Virginia border, homes are accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicle. Sandy side roads off the beach lead into dune digs. It's incredible. Huge, multi-family dwellings are mostly rental properties and occupied only during the summer months. There seems to be no recession here!

Intriguing is Mr. Twiddy's office, the Dune Branch. It was an old Coast Guard station. I would have loved to have seen the OBX, back in the day. It has only been in this overactive development stage for the last couple of decades. I hope the powers that be know when to stop.

Birthday Beach-Bliss Blue

Joe wanted to take a little birthday ride today. We found our house! It is modest, by OBX standards; but just perfect for us. Simply travel from the Corolla gate about six or seven miles north on the sand, towards Virginia. Hang a left into the largest dune. Be careful, as an errant swerve to the right just might land you in the surf. If you prefer flight distances, it's about five miles, as the pelican flies. What do you think? Ah, beach bliss.

Still no wild horse; however, there were signs of their having been on the beach. Use your imagination, please!

♡A Special Beach Birthday♡

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Pooch Pose

Surviving The Life

Joe made a save today. This old guy was attempt-
ing to cross a rather busy road. You just had to see his savior stopping traffic to nudge him to safety. Ah, every day is an adventure at the beach.

Free To BE

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Expect The Unexpected ♡

The tide was too rough late yesterday afternoon to allow us to go find the OBX horses on the northern Corolla shore. We decided to explore some new territory and chose a dune stairway that was decorated with white tulle ribbon. Bingo! A beach wedding was to take place at five p.m. I just happened to have my camera - smile - and asked permission to shoot; it was granted. After exchanging e-mail addresses with a friend of the groom, I chose my spot in the dunes, perfect for some unusual shots.

Meanwhile, Joe and Mambo chose a front row seat in the sand. During the wait time, many guests wandered over to inquire about Mambo. "Is he a large Labradoodle?" We seriously need to attach a little recording to him. You know, press the button to hear the info! He's fun. While Joe chatted up the pooch, a lovely couple approached me. As is usually the case, we quickly discovered our common ground, enjoying the time. In closing, they actually invited us to the reception! Wow! That was a surprise. Of course, I declined - but with lots of gratitude for the thought. The beach brings out the best in everyone, I do believe.

The bridal party had rented one of the big houses that dot the OBX coastline; they were in for a grand and extended celebration.

Finally, the bride descended the dunes; she looked lovely. The guests gathered in the sand and the minister confirmed the beauty and joy of the moment. The clouds just threatened; but later it sprinkled a few drops. In keeping with my Gran's belief, I thought, "They are blessed."