Friday, July 30, 2010

The Pres And My View

Always love my Whoopi and Joy, as well as most input on "The View"; but summertime does not allow for watching. Sooooooooo, when I miss something as interesting as our charismatic President's appearance, I rely on the Internet and full episodes available for the viewing. Link here, if you'd like to see how Mr. President fared with all that female attention. I'm thinking that he's a keeper; I do not regret my vote. Sadly, he inherited a mess.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch Out, Neil Diamond Fans!

You might come across this guy while weeding your gardens; and he just might be dreamin' of being a king, as he searches wild ferns for that crown of glory! 
Can you find it for him?
Can you find me and Joe in the video? 
Missing Neil...
STILL amazing after all these years♥

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Killer Mango

Niece Kim, the Queen Of Mangoes, is heading up our way this coming weekend. I'm psyched. Wait till she tastes this concoction; she might just stay for the rest of the summer!

Blend Chobani fat-free, plain Greek yogurt with fresh mango and watermelon; sweeten with a touch of pure maple syrup (optional). Blend and freeze in pop molds. 

To Note: When used as a sweetener in various recipes, the syrup's flavor disappears... not to worry!
Buon Appetito!

Aqua Fresca

We tried it! Kim had a hand or two in revamping this recipe to our liking. Just the mere reduction of water and pineapple and the subtraction of sugar... then the addition of a couple mangoes and one peach with a few heathy drops of pure maple syrup did it. Wait; not quite... we poured it over ice and added Fresca soda. Ah, nearly perfect; but it needs mint. Just a few tweaks. Salute.
Updated 8/3

The Bon Appétit recipe below caught my attention because of the "Fresca" in its name. I'd blend it using an overripe pineapple, allowing for the elimination of sugar. Then, I'd combine it over ice with the real deal citrus drink and garnish with lemon... YUM!

Left double-click to enlarge, please

The Harvest - Silver Dollars

(link) Lunaria... the green pods turn to brown and are then ready to be gently rubbed off to reveal the most delicate "dollars" of a unique and priceless grade of "silver". Their fineness is reminiscent of the onion paper between pages of antique books. Each side of the pod contains multiple seeds; so, you can imagine how many there are to share. Ask and you shall receive. 

In loving memory of 
My Gran 
Enhancing Gran's Bowl

A Rookie To Watch

Just had to put this ESPN article about Colin Curtis here on CMI; lovin' our young rookie-with-heart:

Compared to confronting, and beating, testicular cancer as a 15-year-old, how scary can it be to face Scot Shields in a key late-inning situation, even after spotting him the first two strikes?
Colin Curtis
William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER/US PresswireColin Curtis' teammates ultimately convinced the rookie to doff his cap to the fans after his three-run pinch-hit homer in the seventh.
"There's definitely things in life that still scare you," he said, "But when it comes to things like dealing with all the failure in baseball, it helps you get over it and just be thankful you're playing."
Four pitches later, it was the Yankees' turn to be thankful Curtis was playing when, after working that 0-2 hole back to a full count, he unleashed that quick bat he has shown since being called up from Triple-A on June 21 and sent a low, rising line drive screaming into the right-field seats.
The three-run homer, the first of Curtis' major-league life, took a narrow 7-5 Yankee lead and pumped some air into it, paving the way for a 10-6 victory over the Los Angeles Angels that wasn't nearly as easy as the score might indicate.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why We ♡ The OBX

Clearly, true love is to be found on our favorite OBX beaches; look at what's on the linked list of those that are most secluded in the US of A. I recently blogged about this Carova acquaintance who really appreciates what she has at her toe-tips. 
Please left double-click on photo for a better read

New Today - Fabulous Phlox

Blame It On Nostalgia

Surely, baby boomers will remember newspaper mailboxes. Well, they are being replicated now for those who live in I-Don't-Know-Where, USA. This one, however, is authentically old. I doused it with spray paint and planted it with Hens 'n' Chicks, covering the raised lettering of the actual publication for which it was designated. I can't access that script right now, for obvious reasons... and memory is failing to serve me, at the moment. Whatever! You get the gist, right? When something that you deem of no use seems to possess appeal and you simply must have it, buy that treasure, plant it and enjoy the resulting queries. Of course, if you're lucky, you might score something like this: 
Ansel Adams Motherlode!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Yawning?

Please accept my apologies; but the first cuke of the season has revealed itself!

"Ho, Hum," You Say?

Trust me, you just might appre-
ciate this little tip, one day! Berries stain. I recently tossed a cute, nearly new nightdress in the garbage, after accomplishing nothing with Spray 'n' Wash stain stick. Upon spotting (no pun intended) the Scrubbing Bubbles in the bathroom vanity, I thought, "Why not?"
I retrieved... it worked. 

Saved was this little item of clothing that I love to hang around in during mornings, when I might be concocting berry pops or frozen yogurt... or during evenings, when we're enjoying a late dessert. Comfort foods and clothing - the name of the game.
 Here's to the save.

World Peace?

Fire Bean seeds from my German Pal have sprouted throughout my garden, dotting it with pretty red blooms, soon to turn to
seed pods....
...and that same Pal tells me that Morning Glories are blossoming profusely in her garden - a gift from my American garden and last year's seeds.

Seeds Of Life ♡

My Mom lives for family days such as this past Saturday, especially when they take place in the great outdoors. My love of flowers is genetic, and to this day, Mom is thrilled by a new bloom and the sharing of her own garden's gifts. She arrived with a gorgeous hydrangea, placed a vase. Her gift quickly found a home on my kitchen windowsill, under the sweet♥heart gifted me by my Sweetheart Grands, earlier in the day. What a view, over that faucet!

 Later on in the day, Dawn was helping me in the kitchen and at the same time admiring the window box, when she said, "Oh, Nicki... look at Chloe and Nan."       Our view...
Our youngest is very generous with her hugs; she subsequently hopped onto Uncle Brian's lap for some lovin', as her Great G'ma watched. Look at the soft, loving smiles "just 3" can bring to "91" and "almost 40". Ahhhhhhh....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The World Is Their Stage ♡

It was late after-
noon when the children decided to leave the pool, in preparation of performing a surprise event for the adults. The front portico became a stage, with Aubs and Hunter the stars of a magic show. They were co-producers and had assigned the little ones to the task of creating ambiance. Large disposable plates and sheets of computer paper became signs of welcome. Chloe worked feverishly, creating her special three-year-old brand of artwork, while Gavin did the distributing, using my garden cart for his supplies.
Hard to see, but this sign says "I Love You"
When everything was set up, the adults were instructed to take seats in the grassy orchestra section.

Here's to our Baby Grands, the rising stars of America.

The Day In the Middle

G'pa did the lighting of the candles, under the guidance of Baby Grands with camera
There's just something about Saturday.

It is said in New York that one always needs an alternative plan when the occasion of an outdoor barbecue or pool party arrises. I recall Christian's high school graduation fête, an excellent case in point. We had experienced about a month or so of sunny, beautiful Saturdays, leading up to celebration-time. On the Friday before said occasion, it occurred to me that good old New York luck just had to run out; we scurried to find a rental tent. If memory serves me correctly, we found the last one left to be had in three counties... and did we ever need it! As steam rose vehemently from the pool Joe had diligently heated, our hundred guests stayed dry under that last tent.

Not so yesterday's Saturday-Saturday... you know, the middle day of the weekend, analogous to the middle month of summer. We had a record-breaking day, in terms of heat, sunshine and humidity, sandwiched in between Friday's downpours and today's gentle, persistent rain. A lucky day, in so many ways; giving thanks for a family that truly does make me feel special.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beware The Ghosts Of Jellyfish

This one's for Joe, whose misfortune on 
an OBX beach might be recalled by some. Yes, he withstood a nasty assault on his tender sole. Not so funny, I'm finding out this morning, after reading of the damage just one monster can inflict, postmortem. No illustrations here... use your imaginations and remember those beach shoes??
 Oh, no!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Circle

Y'all might recall that we took Aubs to see "The Lion King" on Broadway, November of 2009, for her sixth birthday. We had such a beautiful time; she's grown so much since this photo was taken! It is a favorite play of ours; Joe and I have seen it twice. It was upsetting to hear of
 this story on GMA this morning. Shannon Tavarez is an exquisite, talented child; she starred as "our" most recent young Nala. We offer our heartfelt prayers for success in finding an appropriate bone marrow donor, so that her circle of life is long, full, rich in love and good health.

Green Season

It is pouring rain outside; but not to worry, 'cause today is a big cooking day here on Stacey Drive. A wicked pasta primavera salad is already garnished and in the fridge; ribs are pre-cooking in the oven; chicken is coated and ready to go; steaks are marinating in balsamic; potatoes are pre-steamed for the grill; Kelly is bringing a Big Salad (Elaine-Seinfeld); Dawn is surprising us with something; a huge ice cream cake is awaiting a double dose of birthday candles; summer fruit is filling bowls, all over the place; Joe will buy fresh corn in the morning; and I couldn't resist these...

Ah, yes, there is great wealth in Green Season, in more ways than one.

Wishing for sunshine, tomorrow!
Buon Appetito.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday To Sunshine C ♡

At the age of eight, Christian asked permission to take money from his piggy bank, so that he could buy something at the store we were going to, one particular day. I thought it fine and told him "Yes," thinking he'd like to buy a little treasure for himself. He chose the adorable, whimsical mugs pictured and gifted them to me and Joe, as an expression of love and for our ritualistic morning coffee. 
That's our Christian.

Just as he has been blessed with his beautiful family, Dawn, Hunter and Chloe are equally blessed to have C at the helm; even Fiona The Labradoodle lucked out! Always considerate, loving and deeply thoughtful, with a laugh that can move mountains...
That's our Son, Our Sun.

Dad and I love you so much, Honey, and we 
give thanks for the gift of you on this 
special day in our lives.
Happy 37th Birthday. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lovin' Me Some Bob

A fierce 86-degree day with an extremely high percentage of humidity and blazing sun would annoy my Christian... but just sock it to me, 'cause I'm lovin' it. Well, we heard some serious thunder on the mountain, after which heavy rains rolled in, with perfect timing to water my gardens. Stand still for ten minutes in Sullivan County and the weather shall change - again.

After the storm, a gorgeous, descending sun peeked through the tall trees, as steam rose off the cul-de-sac, cooling temps by an incredible twenty degrees. Gotta luv New York.

As for me? Just give me some rock 'n' roll music while I wait out the storm.

Scoop, Chop, Fill

Last night's plain, steamed Chinese makes today's lunch pretty as a picture. Indulge yourself... and remember to serve this girlie fare with a sharp, serrated knife.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cNote Art

Please, music fans and friends of CMI, check out this link to meet Mr. Erik Rosen, a homegrown boy. His story certainly qualifies as inspirational... and I just know that you'll be thinking, "Which song would I choose?" as soon as you've been introduced to his incredible art form:

Erik lost his valiant battle against cancer in the Spring of 2012. We can only imagine what further accomplishments he could/would have attained. We are deeply saddened by this loss.

Savor Summer

Birthday cake or mangoes?

My Joe always makes thoughtful and loving choices, with July 16th in mind. Yet another new and powerful lens now shares space with my others; I am thrilled. Charlie, if you're reading, I'm a triple-threat now, when the eagles nest again!

The second package was very cool, too... a box of mangoes. They've ripened. I'm still celebrating. 
Thanks, Honey. I love you.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Sayin'

During the ride to the movies last week, I was telling Aubs of our summer ritual, when her Daddy Brian and Uncle Christian were little. Their first cousins, Kim and Vicki, would come spend two or three weeks with us each summer. The kids had a blast during what used to be seemingly endless gorgeous, hot, sunny and steamy days. They'd get up in the morning and put on bathing suits, in which they'd stay all day long, as they went from pool to tent to basketball or badminton. Sometimes, they'd wander into the woods to their "fort", a work in constant progress. The art drawer was always filled with supplies for quiet time, if so desired. It was grand; I do not exaggerate. On rare occasions, we would have rain. The children looked forward to those days, 'cause we'd gather up their Nan and head to the nearest mall for lunch, shopping and a movie... "Sort of like we're doing today, Aubs," said I.

We returned home last Wednesday to a surprise visitor - my niece, Vicki. Her ears must have been ringing during her long drive upstate, from Long Island...

Just sayin'.

Window Box Today


... in families, children, travel, biking/Tour de France, or what makes people tick? I think THIS is a well written and insightful place to spend a little browsing time.


Tomatoes are thriving

Rose Of Sharon is blooming

Still craving hummus and veggies... Cabbage-Leaf Wrap, pictured here

True Colors

One day last week, severe thunderstorms were forecast. They never happened; but they certainly struggled behind a most interesting sky. Its palette consisted of the darkest, gloomiest grays, leading into the prettiest, fluffy cumulus-white, all enhanced by varying shades of blue... lifelike, I think.

We noticed this phenomenon while riding in the car with Aubs to a distant movie theater.
 "G'ma, G'ma! There's another (view)!" 

"Toy Story 3" in 3D, as seen from stadium seating, was terrific. The plot offered up lots to discuss on the way home, especially in light of a bullying type, currently being dealt with by Aubs.  On leaving the theater, we immediately noticed a sky returned to azure.

Have Camera... Will Happily Travel