Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Is Here * by Joe

Thanks for the contribution, Honey...
The Old Homestead and blue skies are lookin' good.

Treat Your Children Well ♡

First Of The Season
Half Pop of yogurt, berries and maple syrup, blended
Other half of orange juice with a hit of cream
Adaptation from book available at Amazon
Concoctions are the best - add lotsa love

Courtin' Cardinals 'n' Country Critters

"Are you catching up with your sleep?" queried PV. She knew that my customary six hours were interrupted by night-calls from my littlest Grand, last week. The answer is "No," thanks to Mother Nature.

If you're nocturnal, you'll be lovin' warm nights and country crickets, loud enough to waken the dead... or me. As a kid summering at Gran's bungalow, not quite the insomniac I am now, their sound seemed soothing. Now, though, I've actually resorted to Christian's ploy to block sound with sound. Yep, he turns a floor fan on high enough to resemble a jet engine revving up on a runway. "Helps the kids to sleep." Joe and I always thought the custom ridiculous; but there sat the fan, a remnant of spring break. Need I say more? It sort of works, if you can psyche yourself into accepting thunderous "white" noise....

But last night was chilly, the crickets subdued; so, no fan. Lo and behold, at five a.m., Courtin' Cardinal decided to croon his love tune under our bedroom window. Wanna know how cranky that made me? Come on, Kahuna, find yourself another perch.

Does Ike know the secret to sleep success?  He just beckoned from his cushy indoor bed to be let out to do his business, after which he climbed upon his outdoor cot, for a few more zzzz's.

Six hours. Too much to ask for? I need a cuppa joe, as my Joe sleeps through it all... the birds, the bugs and the engines. I'm clearly jealous. And tired. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Don 'n' Phil

The Royal Albert Hall Reunion DVD is finally available, easily found at Amazon. It's about time, considering this concert was in 1983. But who cares? Not I. One song and I can feel myself at Freedomland, where, already a solid fan, I first saw them live and begged my parents to please stay for another show. They concurred that Don and Phil were worth the wait; so, we saw them twice in one day. That was in the early 1960's, when I was a young teen and the Brothers looked like the upper picture on the video case. Their music never seems old, though we've all lived lifetimes. Theirs are gifts straight from G-d. So many artists post-Everly have them to thank for direction. And I thank them right now for the share. Don and Phil. Just give me a blast from the past. There shall never again be such a phenomenon. 


On the left is a Getty image of just one example of required adornment, if you were an invited guest at the Abbey, this morning. On the right is what I deem "Inspiration", in my photo of last year's blooming Iris. How fitting this flower, as it takes its name from the Greek word for "rainbow". Yes?

Royal Day Of Hope

AP Photo
"...let love be genuine," said Kate's brother. Didn't you just feel Di's presence? I did, in more ways than one. I see her in the Prince's kind, calm elegance. And as the mother of sons, I so wish...

But the sun is shining on them, today. A sign? Yes; for sure. Perhaps this couple will have the good fortune to wear London's patina well. I've nothing but fond memories of our stay, in a hotel opposite the mews entrance to the Palace. We walked those streets, unnoticed and elated to be there. We shared incredible time with Christian, who spent a semester in the fabulous city. So different from the fishbowl that it has become to Kate, now married to the challenge. Still, "It's a day of hope...," said the Bishop. I buy into that, sincerely wishing them genuine love to see them through the peaks and valleys of life.

 Just beautiful. How lovely it would be to start each day with this genre of news. 

A World Gone Busy

It used to be that thoughts of someone special prompted a spur-of-the moment phone call. The significant other would actually answer, happy to hear from you. A conversation would ensue, and a relationship would be refreshed. And how 'bout those missiles of love received via land mail? Do you have any saved, to read and read again, cherishing each and every syllable? Were we not busy, way back when?

Nowadays, phone calls usually result in icy machine responses, going something like this:

"This is me and I'm far too busy to answer but leave a message and maybe I'll get back to you or maybe not but when I have some unoccupied time it would be much better for us to chat 'cause certainly you're not as busy as I but if this doesn't work for you try my e-mail or text my cell and maybe or maybe not according to my busyness I'll respond but if not I'll catch you in a year or so when perhaps I'll have a spare moment or two to speak or text or respond to your answering machine... whew, I'm out of breath now and far too busy to continue..."  To which I say...

"Last month I sent you greetings of Birthday Balloons 'n' Bouquet and I'm wondering if you received or liked or trashed them even though you've forgotten my day and I'd also like to know how so-and-so is 'cause when you weren't so busy you kept me on the phone for hours sharing your concern never asking if I was busy but of course my busy is not nearly as important as yours and there is always time for compassion and also there's that party on Sunday that I've invited you to with an invitation that went out months ago and you've not yet responded so I need to know if one or ten or none are going to be in attendance and furthermore (lilt in voice here) I'm pretty busy too or shall I say occupied 'cause that's what most of us are unless of course you're a brain surgeon and have a patient with a bursting aneurysm 'cause that could seriously create a kind of busyness most are not familiar with and I'd certainly not be too busy to wish him or her well..."

ADDENDUM: The most productive people I know always have time, the most precious gift of all, for a significant other.

Crayola Connection ♡

 There was nothing like opening a box of brand new tips, when I was a kid. I've no recollection of a favorite candy - but crayons? Ah, yesActually, they still do it, for me. I'm easy. My Baby Grands are lovin' life in color, too. Wherever and whenever, if armed properly, I've got their attention.  

Here's Gavin on Easter morning. We shared a happy brunch at his home. He's always anxious to split from the table, to play. I suggested he stay put to participate in a coloring jam session. Subject? How 'bout the characters from the MR. MEN and LITTLE MISS books? New to me, as you might recall, it seems that his Mommy had a few from her childhood (Tigger, I hope you're reading). Here's one about mischief-makers. Ah, " Mother like Son," admitted Kelly. Gav can curl up in incredible positions and found the floor rather comfy for the task at hand.  
Big Sis Aubs worked her entry on the table, surrounded by remnants of Easter fare. Her masterpiece included a character from yet another book by Roger Hargreaves, enhanced by her own exquisite  landscape. She's progressed nicely and now attempts to depict her work in 3-D. Time flies, in color.

Back at the ranch, I'm known to maintain an art drawer, having done so since my own were babes. 'Tis a place where children of all ages can find supplies. I'm an enabler. One never knows when a creative urge might strike. Here's Chloe in a quiet moment, off by herself at our dining room table. All the Grands love that room and table, often requesting to have even so little as a snack there. I sure hope this affection is the result of countless hours spent breaking bread, sharing stories and coloring, too. I recall an Easter past when I set a tablecloth of craft paper and armed each of the Grands with supplies. After finishing meals, they were to decorate their places, as they wished... all this to keep them with us for a tad longer, before requests to be excused were executed. Foxy G'ma.

Not to worry about choice, as I well know that variety is the spice of life. This trip, Hunter preferred to work on book compilations for his loved ones, with illustrations in pencil. However, he could always be enticed by paint. Here, he works on his future room. You see, his family is having a new home built. He'd like his space to be Crayola inspired; so, he chose vibrant colors for each wall. The results were spectacular, needing only parental approval.