Thursday, April 21, 2016

This "First" is Actually a "Second"

That's right! In years of enjoying various orchids of many different colors, we've never had a second set of buds set near original flowers. And to have them bloom along with those February flowers rather than withering away?? WOWZA! 
Clearly a first in our world, as fat buds begin to spread their wings petals.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rondout Return

Do y'all recognize this incredible nest of the Rondout Reservoir in Grahamsville? We've spent many hours enjoying the roadside view, comparable to none. If you look back at this post, you'll notice the huge expansion of the eagles' dwelling. Joe's theory is that it needed repair work after the exceptionally high winds we experienced, this past winter. Maybe. Or maybe they're considering condo living?? We'll never know for sure. But we're here to tell you that the magnificence of this view never ceases to amaze.
When we first arrived, there was an adult sitting in the nest. We captured it and then went exploring on the nearby Glade Hill Road. After enjoying the sky-high view, we returned for more eagle watching. Nothing appeared to be on the nest; but then… but then…
We witnessed and captured the return of an adult. After a beautiful landing, it perched quite close to the nest. Lo and behold…
A fledgling stuck its long neck out, seemingly looking at its parent. Look closely to see the white patch hidden behind green and above the quite visible bambino. Soon after…
Big Bird returned to its perch to guard its young.
Haven't been there yet? Worth the trip from anywhere… for sure.
Giving Thanks.

Monday, April 18, 2016



And so, this is our third consecutive similar day. We're psyched!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

HBO's "Vinyl" starring Bobby Cannavale

Richie Finestra
There's something about Bobby Cannavale as Richie Finestra that reminds me of a young Neil Diamond - you know, when he smoked and his hair was long and he was all cocky in how he carried himself. Hey, it's all good, if you know what I mean. But I digress….

If you can take the brutal delivery of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, at the same time keeping any resident kids about three floors away, tune in. Lots of big names associated with it: Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, for example.

We're not sure about how terrific it is, but we'll give it "compelling," maybe. We're still watching.

Scary stuff, those early days. It's a miracle any of us survived.

Camo Bird

Momma Nature sure nows how to protect her young! We took a ride to the Rio, the other day, to see how the Baldies were doing there. Not much luck, in terms of sightings. We did see one mature and gorgeous big bird flying over a narrow part of the water. And then… and then…
Joe spotted this immature feathery friend lurking above the water. He was quite far away, but luckily NIK was outfitted with its big lens. How 'bout that camouflage?

Must-See PBS TV - "Jackie Robinson Parts I and II"

It's baseball season, so what better way to celebrate openers than to remind ourselves of the history of the sport. But guess again, if you think this PBS special is all about home runs. After watching, Joe and I first realized that Mr. Robinson's main significance came by way of all he did for civil rights and not how impressively he swung a bat. A very profound few hours and highly recommended. Done way too soon.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Considering the Accommodations

Joe captured Robin RedBreast with his iPhone, this morning, as he perched beyond the sliders upon the wren house. We're hoping he doesn't attempt to nest within the tiny openings… surely his chubby babies will get stuck!
It is a warm, brilliant day, here in the lower Catskills. We're taking advantage with the delivery of ten spectacular American boxwoods, with which we plan to make a border. I am so psyched. Just give me a shrub and I'm a happy camper!

Friday, April 15, 2016

And While I'm On The Topic Of IDOLS...

It's been a rough separation from our GrandLoves for the past few weeks, but not to worry. Good ol' Facebook is a grandparent's friend. Sooooo, in keeping up with the latest on Hunter's long list of musical achievements, we were entertained, early one morning. That's right! He's added guitar to his already accomplished piano and trumpet playing. We actually gifted him the instrument you see when he was just a one-digit number in age. Lessons didn't work out, at that time. But now? A different story. He's actually bigger than the guitar now, too :-) and begged his parents for lessons.

Clearly, our very own IDOL has the music in him.

Musical Interlude - Not So Idle IDOL Chatter

Lookin' back, the IDOL finale was a fabulous show, bringing back past Idols and justly crowning the season's winners, left to right and first, second third as Trent, La'Porsha and Colton. Meanwhile…
I caught Conrad Sewell's live "Remind Me" on GMA, this morning and can only say, "WOWZA!" Here's the Tonight Show version of the song, equally impressive.

When it comes to Idols, I'm just a teenager at heart.   Enjoy.

Hiatus Shoots

In spite of it all, NIK and I managed a few favorite hiatus shots and birthday remembrances. 
April 4th was Gran's special day. We awakened to snow. Yep, it was the white 'n' fluffy that never showed up during the winter.
April 11th was Vicki's day, but her visit happened earlier when we gifted her a special family heirloom. :-) Drive safely, Sweetie. This photo by Joe.

Christian popped in bearing springtime, by way of his very being and gorgeous, yellow tulips. As soon as the weather allows, we'll plant them outside in a special spot where Bambi can't find them.
Clouds reflected on the lake, making it look like piles of snow. It wasn't.
My beautiful orchid, an early February gift from Joe, still clings to a few of its original blooms, at the same time setting many new buds on old stems. A first, in all our years of enjoying this favorite flower.

All inspiring gifts that keep on giving...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sunshine 'n' Peace

Well, Hello Again. Thank you so much to all who remain and to those who've inquired as to my continued existence. :-)  Life has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride, around here, but we emerge on a gorgeous, sunny, spring day that has temps rising into the sixties. We'll take it.

In addition to life itself interrupting my blog, Joe's retirement has played a part. Used to be (for my entire lifetime) that the sun and I arose simultaneously. But now, Joe and I have learned to lounge 'round in the morning, making up for all the times we began our days way too early and in first gear. Hmmm. A body can get used to sleeping in and brunch instead of breakfast. First cuppa in bed is not so tough to take, either. Gone are sunrise blogs. I need to find my discipline, once again.

For today, I greet all with the warmth of the sun setting on a bloom of our prolific peace plant. Photo was taken last evening, here at Golden Pond. Please enjoy it and the sunny peacefulness it imparts.