Monday, February 28, 2011

Speaking Of Movies...

Joe and I watched this intense little film, the other night. It is extremely well acted and emotionally charged. We chose it after reading this NY TIMES review. See what you think about Bruno and friends. It is available for free viewing on Showtime.

Fair Win, Dude

Though Oscar dragged his feet last night in an I-can-do-Monday-morning-cleaning-during-this awards presentation, it all turned out fair 'n' square, with Best Actor Colin Firth taking home the gold for (link) Best Film "The King's Speech". I had to settle for Dude's appearance as a presenter, this time 'round. He played a good Rooster, but his performance just wasn't quite gritty enough for the win... it was a great year for moviegoers. 
JB 'n' Family - Photo by OK! Magazine

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Slalom Skiing

That's it for Sunday Races 2011... where did February fly away to?? Our local Grands had a super season, with Aubs perfecting her finish-line tuck and Gav developing a perfect pizza wedge. Now, it's on to March and Fun Weekend. Yep, you're right... it's ALL fun!


Joe surprised me with a Zaggmate keyboard and case for my iPad. I'm testing it out by trying to create a blog entry, via iPad. Let's see...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Congratulations, Neil Diamond

Photo by Joe at MSG '08
We're pleased to read the favorable (link) review of last night's Tour 2011 opener in Auckland, New Zealand. Fellow fans, be sure to listen to the live audio, embedded in the review.

See y'all at the Garden, real soon. Diamonds are still a girl's best friend... if you know what I mean.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Not only do we really, really like the combo of judges, this year, but we are amazed by the extent of incredible talent. During previous seasons, it was fun and easy to predict who would be in the finals. This year? Impossible! It should be an awesome competition, as the 24 kids shift into high gear. It was hard to watch the eliminations.

Make My Day ♡

"Friendship is like sunshine to the heart."
Last night, I was touched by an Angel Of Hope. She came by way of Michelle, who speaks to friendship in indescribable ways. I can only reiterate that I feel blessed beyond words, to have this incredible child in my life. There is no doubt that her most gracious parents have adequately inspired her. In a bit of respite from painful treatment, this is what Michelle does with her precious time. She sure made my day... one she was already a huge part of... you'll see...

Yesterday morning, Bri called me: "Mom, can you pick Aubs up? She is in the nurse's office with an upset stomach." Into school went I, to find my Girl Grand with the school nurse, who happens to be an old ski buddy I'd not seen in ages. I did not know of her position. We had a wonderful mini reunion, as she told Aubs, 
"See, I told you I know your g'ma."
"G'ma, is it okay to put my feet up?"
"Peace Flower" by Aubs

 A little playtime on my iPad's GlowColor app soothed Aubrey's tummy and allowed for some lunch. Then, what to do but whip out lots of craft supplies and create. With a little guidance, my girl made her first pair of Michelle's flippers. She did an awesome job! Then, it was on to coffee-filter flowers, using Crayola water-based markers. Go to (link) Amazon to check out the video for simple instructions; you'll want a tower.

This morning, Aubs called before heading to school, after a two-hour snow delay: "G'ma, I'm going to tell you something that I think will make you happy." "What's that, Sugar?" "Well, today we have Show 'n' Tell, and I'm bringing in the flippers we made, yesterday." "Honey, that is AWESOME. You made my day. Do you know what that means?" "It means that I made someone happy." "That's right! And isn't it something that I heard from Michelle, after you left..."

Make my day.... just
Aubs and I dedicate this to Michelle, with love.

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