Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Thanks for asking! Mom is doing well. The staff is fabulous and the Firemark charm is in the works. We found her at a residents' birthday party, complete with cake and ice cream. Roommate Mary is nice; she knows how to smile. They'll be fine, together.
I've always thought that Roscoe possesses some of the most gorgeous mountains in the Catskills. Don't you agree? The facility is nestled amongst them, almost to a fault. "A fault?" you ask. There's no cell service, 'cause nothing can penetrate these amazingly-dense green giants.

The reunion with Mambo was perfect.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Showtime Must-See - "Homeland"

Wow! Joe and I watched the entire first season on demand, this past week. The highly intelligent drama keeps one guessing till the last episode; and Claire Danes is an incredible actress. As a matter of fact, the entire cast is pretty incredible. Watch it; then, we'll talk.

WITH - New Pond Resident

Taking Flight!

They've come and gone, the Robins. Here today, gone tomorrow. We're having a tough time tracking them, as they breed in the front-porch nest. What to do with this toddler, on a real-time Saturday morning? Momma offered encouragement and baby eventually tested its wings, all the way out to the lawn. Safe travels, Little One.

Bizarro World

We returned from our kinda-tough day on Thursday to await the ominous weather event that had been forecast. Sure enough, about half an hour after walking through the doors, the winds whipped up and skies darkened. Tornado warnings were in effect. Power went out. It teemed buckets. 

Luck was on our side, in terms of damage. Not far in every direction, trees had gone through houses and buildings burned, as a result of lightening strikes. 

We thought to take a ride into town; others did the same. The sky was oddly blue, peeking through clouds of varying colors. Car lights performed wildly, as we headed towards the bright Village from our darkened world.  Chinatown Kitchen's soup tasted mighty delicious.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mom ♡

Agonizing decisions are certainly easier to arrive at with the help of some uniquely kind people, no longer strangers to us and met along the way to moving Mom into (link) Roscoe Nursing Facility. Anne, Ellen, Dawn, to name a few, have gone above and beyond job requirements to help us in the process. One encouraged us to pursue a room here, recognizing it as the best choice for Mom. A few words from another placed Mom earlier than we'd hoped for, at a time when we so need to be available for our Dawn. And finally, advice from the third saved us from making a critical error in planning.

Check out the link. It is a small place in gorgeous surroundings. Most importantly, the staff members all seem kind and attentive. Many residents are outgoing and friendly, in expressing contentment with their environment.

Mom's phone will be hooked up on August 1st and her mailing address is easily found at the link. Please inundate her with cards; they shall be appreciated. Pictures to come, as soon as we've had a chance to more adequately decorate her room. She has a window that provides ample sunlight and a pretty view.

Joe and Ronnie join me, I'm sure, in thanking all for your endless support.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

True Love ♡

Ah, when Neil starts crooning You Don't Bring Me Flowers Peaches Anymore, we'll be in big trouble. We love peaches, so representative of sunshine and simplicity. 
First and foremost, there's Mambo Peach, our incredible BRT, who wants nothing more from life than to be by our sides, hanging out. He blends well with us. I so vividly recall Christian's comment, years ago, "All I really want is to meet someone who loves to hang out, like you guys." Wow. Joe and I continue to derive such satisfaction in C's recognition of how easy it is for us to enjoy life and each other. We are so happy he met his soul mate, Dawn. I digress...
Farm stands laden with local produce have popped up all over our gorgeous countryside. Joe couldn't resist a stop at one, yesterday. Y'all know I do love flowers... but fruity peaches?! When my guy comes home with a bag of sunshine for me, therein lies a whole other realm of true lovin'. 
Try 'em for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, with Chobani, walnuts and cereal. This is clearly a recipe for success, but don't forget to dine al fresco.
Buon Appetito!

Look What Came For Dinner

One just never knows who or what shall join them in dining al fresco. We've no idea where this came from... it was suddenly just there, to my right and next to NIK, as though waiting to be served. I'm not much into bugs, but do admit that the praying mantis possesses a certain degree of beauty and intrigue. Ya think?
Joe alluded to the fact that I might possibly be losing my mind; but hey, isn't that what cameras are made for? 
I can take the abuse!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Almost Bethel Woods, Neil Diamond??

When we saw the best-ever (link) Elton concert, last summer, I thought to myself, "Self, Neil will be here soon."  As Mr. D. announced 2012 tour dates, there it was... a two-week opening, at the end of August. "Ah," thought I... but it wasn't meant to be.

So, off to the Jones Beach Nikon theater we went, to see (link) Neil Diamond... again... still. The show was fantastic... the venue beyond gorgeous, just like Bethel Woods. Little did I realize that I was not the only one... um... thinking along similar lines. Check out Barry Lewis's words, as per yesterday's RECORD:

"For months, I’ve heard how bad a season this has been at Bethel Woods. What a terrible lineup they have. Missed out on getting all the good acts. I agree. Could have been better.

Up in Albany, they got Springsteen. Down at Jones Beach, there’s Neil Diamond. For two shows. And it seems you can’t pry James Taylor away from Tanglewood.

Matt McNeil, senior director of programming and marketing at Bethel Woods, admits those were the names they went after. What, you don’t think they tried? They knew what was expected.

'I knew the year after three sold-out Phish dates and a once-in-a-lifetime concert from Elton John would be tough to top. It’s like the ‘Seinfeld’ moment of going out on top, but we have to do it again every year.'"

Penn State

Shame on Penn State's bigwigs for turning away from this tragic affliction. While the penalties are too few for those involved, they are a nightmare for students affected. It will never be the same. 
TIMES alert, real time:

"The N.C.A.A. announced significant penalties against Penn State and its football program Monday, including a $60 million fine and a four-year postseason ban, in the wake of the child sexual abuse scandal involving the former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.The punishment also included the loss of some scholarships and the vacating of all of the team’s victories from 1998 to 2011, but stopped short of forcing the university to shut down the football team for a season or more, the so-called death penalty. Still, the penalties are serious enough that it is expected to take Penn State’s football program, one of the most successful in the country, years before it will be able to return to the sport’s top echelon."

President Obama

AP Photo
Representing us as a father,
a husband, a human being...

Did you watch him speak from Aurora, last night? Honestly, I felt as though he truly did represent me and my feelings. Thank you, Mr. President. We do so mourn this tragedy and all the lives forever altered and destroyed.

Al Fresco, Yes?

We've had amazing weather during the past month, this confirmed by the fact that we've dined al fresco all but one night. We've designated spots at the picnic table, chosen for the best viewing of our yard. What better way to enjoy the gorgeous results of our loving efforts...

NIK sits atop the table to my right, ready to capture our resident hummingbirds, who seem to join us nightly. They, however, are not too cooperative, flitting about at breakneck (breakwing??) speed. Quick pokes at flowers seem to satisfy voracious appetites. Please, please, won't you linger? 

Last evening, Joe excitedly told me to, "Look, look, Nick!" Upon doing so, there I saw the female, hovering in mid air and considering, I suppose, the blooms behind me. Did NIK and I capture her? No. Thus far, this is my best shot; it leaves a lot to be desired, I know.
The male is even smaller than his mate... a darker shade and with a red throat... and not at all accommodating. Please stay tuned, for we shall see. Meanwhile, won't you enjoy the scenery...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy 39th, Honey! ♥

Ah, our Babe is 39... an amazing day, in our little world. We are blessed

Memories of summer pregnancies and babies come flooding back, as he and Dawn await the arrival of another little girl... soon... very soon! That's right - make room for Baby, Hunter and Chloe. Love grows and your 
Super-Daddy has plenty of lovin' to share.... and there is always his lap, when he runs out of cuddlin' arms. :-) 

Happy Birthday, Sunshine. We cherish you and your loving ways. Here's to sharing summer cake.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lakescapes Today

 Under 'n' Atop

Real Time Saturday Morning

They hatched! One captured by my lens, another witnessed. More? I'm not sure, quite yet, but Wild Jelly stalks from the cul-de-sac, wondering why a human glares back. We're hoping for the survival of this brood.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rainy Day Lovin'♥

It was teeming rain, today. Aubs and Gav needed a break from camp. Parched grounds begged for a soaking, but camp is about sunshine and swimming... or so I am told. Some days are just meant for lazy lounging. They came with self-started projects - a handmade bag full of them, to be added to my birthday gems from their upstate cousins. It made my day to know they'd spent so much time expressing love via artwork. Precious.
We piled paint on large sheets of paper, for a project originally created by Auntie Peaches. I'll steer you towards her and it after those sheets finally dry, something that might take a while, considering the humidity.
We ate a lot. Aubs cooked breakfast pancakes and lunch meat 'n' cheese tacos. Their Daddy joined in the fare, this a nice surprise. We gamed. Gramps played Wii with Gav and took a nap (?????). It's true...

"G'ma!!! G'pa fell asleep while we were playing baseball. When he gets up, he'll see that I'm not there!" 

"You just can't argue with the body," says Gramps. 

Rainy Day Lovin' is good for the soul. 
Color Me Happy... "Why I Love You" (by Gav)
My Aubs*Hunter*Gav*Chloe B'day Collection


Hey, Tigger, This One's For You!

In a world where misery loves company, this should make you feel a tad better! Our sunshine has finally taken a day off, leaving us comparable to none other than London. This is REAL TIME... really... though it's morning in NY.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vicki, Are You Reading?

New to the fleet! This evening's launch...

It's A Bird... It's A Plane...

It's a wrap...
A dress...
A skirt..
A blouse...
A shawl...
A scarf...
A curtain...
A tablecloth...
A beach blanket...

It's colorful, like garden flowers...

It's soft...
It's pretty...
It says, "July!"

What IS it?

It's Superwoman's Friend and she never has enough... 

Embrace It... The Pareo!

And of course fish swim upside-down!

Idle IDOL Rumors

Might be interesting... ya think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"The Newsroom" - HBO

Yvonne recommended this show to us, after its debut. We caught up with the first episode, on demand, and have stuck with the fast-paced series, ever since. There is no playing WORDS or multitasking during the hour-long show. Intensely sharp dialogue goes hand in hand with the story of an aggressive anchor in a fictitious cable newsroom. To emphasize that fiction is based on fact, real news footage is often incorporated. Underlying romantic storylines are abundant. And it helps if your political views are in left-wing alignment with the show's creator, Aaron Sorkin. Oh, and when a certain actress appeared on the scene, we were not sure if "it was" or "it wasn't" a blast from the past. Extensive plastic surgery sure does change one's appearance!

"More as this story develops..."

"Revolutionary Road" - The Movie

Oooh-kay, so I didn't wait too long to watch the movie, after reviewing the book, just days ago. I grew up in the fifties and thought the recreation of the era to be impeccable. Scenic details brought back many a memory. Lucky for me, though, that Frank and April were not my parents! The story itself could be written at any time, in any place, for any miserable couple. 

With an amazing cast of best-of-the-best actors, it was terrific, sticking well to the main storyline of the book. But as with any book-related film, most of the story was missing.... you know, the gray, as per my earlier review. The entire aspect of thoughts-driving-actions was sadly absent in the fast-paced film.

Recommended... but read the book first!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flower Powered! ♡

As Christian and Dawn await the soon-to-be arrival of our new BabyGirlGrand, I'm transported back thirty-nine years, when Christian was due, "...any day". A doctor's visit on my birthday had me bringing along a packed suitcase... I was sure it would be the day. It wasn't! But six days later, it was... close enough to share our events, each year. And so it goes and so it goes....

On Sunday, we did just that. What a great day! A trip to the gorgeous town pool, only blocks from their home, had us witnessing Hunter's leaps from twenty feet in the air. You see, he is now "deep-side safe". WOWMeanwhile, Little Miss Chloe has taken off, in mermaid fashion. She is swimming! Double WOW!

A nearby favorite ice cream haunt has the most incredible floral displays of gorgeous blooms. I was thrilled to capture Chloe, as she took the time to STOP and smell the (proverbial) roses. With a little help from PhotoShop, the result suits the spirit of my entry to a t. Does the pose look familiar?
Of course, Gramps had to get into the action, much to Hunter's glee. "One, two, three... GO," was the count, as you-know-who held his nose!

Back at their ranch, Dawn took a late-pregnancy nap and was refreshed, by the time we returned. Dinner was sensational and the cakes delicious. We had FUNI got an exceptional kick out of Dawn's girlie choices, for me... a gardener's flowering hat for my bracelet, a seashell pendant necklace, and a bohemian broom skirt. Man, my family knows me well! Will I really have to shed skirts, visors and flip-flops, in the Fall?? Or is my hunk-a gonna take me to Kaua'i?? Indulge me, please, for the little inside joke here, for my Joe. 

Speaking of Joe, he took my real day off, yesterday. It's when the gorgeous butterfly gifted me yet another photo op.
I missed BKAG, but was happy they were off having fun in their camper. And I missed Mom, who is not doing well, at all. And I missed my Vicki, who was here last July 16th to celebrate with us. But still, I know to be a very happy lady, 'cause you see...

When it was time to leave Albany, Hunter and Chloe climbed into the car, pretending to be ready to come home with us. Now, that can sure make these grandparents feel mighty special.
Here's to Flower Power and Love...
Giving thanks.