Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Early Bird Gets the Rainbow

Funny thing, just yesterday during a springlike lunch on the deck with our favorite carpenter-friends, we discussed the ever-changin' scenery here on Golden Pond. Every sunrise is different, as is each sunset. Daytime might bring total calm or whitecaps. Who knows what's happening during the night. A rhetorical question.

Catching as much as possible of this changing face depends on timing, of course… and luck. When do we glance up to take a peek? Or, when do we sit and stare in total serenity and/or solitude? During the conversation, I thought of and mentioned our neighbor, Klaus, who once told me that the scenic mysteries are what he loves the most about the lake.
This morning, the sun struggled to poke its face through lots of clouds. Somewhere nearby, it must have rained. It remains overcast, as I write. But at 7:20 AM and for a fleeting few moments in time, conditions were perfect for a truly exquisite view.

Goosebumps, here in upstate New York… I've gotta tell y'all… what a treat… what a blessing.
Wishing you rainbows, too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Admit It!! I Can Pick 'Em!!

STILL cracking up at the Auckland, New Zealand review of Mr. D's first show of his Down Under leg of the '15 tour. Can't BELIEVE it's already been so many months since sharing space with him on opening night, here in the States. I digress…

"A smoldering sex symbol at seventy-four." Who can ask for more? The man is simply nothin' but a heartache of the good variety. And I don't even like beards and/or mustaches…

But I understood his staying power a long, long time ago, when we were all a whole lot younger.

Rock On, Mr. D.

Serenity Now?? Not Today!

Today, I found serenity at the Old Homestead, after running away from the LakeHouse for a few hours. Why? Well, it was hoppin' lakeside, as our work force continued to put finishing touches on our lower level. It's gorgeous and we are thrilled…

But parking was at a premium, roadside.

Monday, October 19, 2015

They Pass!

Gavin had me in stitches, yesterday, about an addition to the school curriculum. It seems the last class of the day is Social-Emotional Wellness, complete with a "wellness box" in which the kids are instructed to put personal letters of concern. His take on this class is hilarious.
It wears him out, last period, and he told me... 

"I just need to relax, when I get home.

All kidding aside, I'm not knocking the concept. If you read this article and its excerpt posted below, you'll probably agree that all of these issues are top priority.

But, please, if an almost-eleven-year-old hasn't mastered the criteria by now, he or she needs private counseling in which to grow. Writing one's innermost thoughts on a piece of paper and plunking it into a classroom collection to be read aloud by a new teacher in front of a newly assigned classroom full of kids just does not cut it. So, how did my boy handle it?

"I wrote, 'I'm having trouble with math. Can you help me?'"

He and my other GrandLoves are pretty danged expressive, engaging, warm, compassionate, friendly, confident and smart as whips…
can't you tell??!! :-)
Okay, okay. I HEAR YOU. You're calling me biased. Hey! Don't be so judgmental, or I'll have you write something for the wellness box.


photo courtesy of Joe
It must be fall! The GrandLoves are all busy with soccer, basketball, chorus and music lessons interrupting peaceful weekend days. The weather is erratic, temps in the sixties one day and down to a frosty twenty-two degrees over night. That's right, I said 22. I'm in the throes of cooking again, trying to keep Joe happy with pots full of soup 'n' such. Baking has begun, with Aubs whipping up her first offering from the LakeHouse… this in between creating a fabulous collage and nice invitations for her upcoming thirteenth. I'm a tad upset to have found a typo, after our printout and assemble. My girl promised to fix it… I'll be watching. :-)
collage courtesy of Aubs
Gav sets up Monopoly inside, rather than on the picnic table. No worries there, as the view is still spectacular. Big Baldie seems to enjoy it, right along with us.
Steam is rising daily from the still-warm lake waters into the chilly air, creating pretty photo ops, early in the AM. Gotta love it, even though trees shall soon be bare naked…

Though first initials of Aubrey's friends come together as Sad-B-Sad, we know it should read
We danced! Giving thanks.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Soul Food

It's two years almost to the day that I first (link) made my own spaetzle. I wondered how long it had been, after dining on Spaetzle Primavera at the Brauhaus, yesterday. Well actually, I had a second meal from that hearty portion. Who's complaining?
Call it what you want, but seriously, this qualifies as soul food, aka pasta. Okay, okay, so it's German pasta; but I guarantee you, my Italian ancestors wouldn't give a hoot.

This past week, I went on a cooking binge. It must be fall, yes? Time to dig out the spaetzle gizmo and add this to the repertoire.
Simply can't wait for another visit to New Paltz.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Anniversary in the Gorgeous Gunks

Forty-nine years!! We are ever so grateful and celebrated our boundless love by taking yet another ride through the gorgeous mountains we call home. The foliage! Have I mentioned that before? 

And what better than a long, delicious, gourmet lunch at our favorite Mountain Brauhaus in New Paltz. 

Mambo joined us with a bark of approval for a wonderful day.

We went on to find the fabulous footbridge that crosses from Highland to Poughkeepsie, but saved our hike across it for another day…
Upon arriving home, we toasted with some very hardcore cranberry juice. I know. We have to stop living on the wild side.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

6:55 AM RealTime Sunrise

 Good Morning, World!
Even a cloudy sunrise can be an exquisite one!

Bloomin' on Sylvan Shore

It was nice to come home to full blooms, yesterday...

So, you think you don't know Wurtsboro?

Sure you do. The "Seinfeld" episode "The Puffy  Shirt" might jog your memory. There was SO MUCH going on, in that show.
Jerry about George:
We loved the mention of good ol' Wurtsboro, an integral part of our family's history. Joe grew up there. Gran owned a summer house on its outskirts. Mom spent childhood summers there, as did Ronnie et moi. I met Joe just a few miles away at Masten Lake. Need more?
The little village has made a bit of a comeback, having suffered through the Catskill downslide for several years. Once again, it's quaint and desirable… somewhat back to its roots, as memory serves me well regarding our trips before the quickway was born. Yep. Up "the old road" from downstate to the country, Wurtsboro a mecca of sorts. A long, arduous, bumpy, heavily-traficked trip during which vomiting was a large part of my repertoire. Dad kept a plastic-lined hat, just for me. I was special! But as is my custom of late, I digress…
What I'm getting at here is the sharing of yesterday's captures of the very-early morning fog that can be found daily, nestled in the Wurtsboro valley. It's a daily phenomenon of sorts and a true landmark. It had long disappeared, by the time we returned home from our trip downstate.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vick ♡

Vicki really deserves kudos. She maintains all her relationships with grace and, more importantly, love. She's been dealt a few tough blows, over the years, but they have never stopped her from remembering and cherishing the good times…. or, the good food! :-) Case in point??? How 'bout Mom's (Nan's) sauce/artichoke pot. What better keeper of the antique piece than a granddaughter who not only remembers the tantalizing goodies it produced but also cooks herself. A rhetorical question. And see how I benefit via today's technology, when Vick is remembering my Mom, her Nan…
Love you, Sweetie. Thanks for permission to use your photo and thanks to C.C. for the capture.

Giving thanks.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Catskill Colors 'n' Columbus Kayakin'

A bonus day, today! Brilliant sunshine, blazing color and balmy temps beckoned quite a few wannabe sailors onto Golden Pond, including Joe et moi. The peace and tranquility of it all made me think of Native Americans and their handcrafted vessels and soundless paddling. I'm not fond of what is celebrated, today; but (link) I've been down that road before, here on CMI. I digress...
A small fish put up a good fight, before being released. Reflections abounded. Color… well, see for yourself. A trip "inland" for a delicious Brew lunch afforded me yet another photo op - pretty tree, yes?

"A Room With A View"

What a perfect "excuse" to share even more pictures taken this morning from OUR room with the most gorgeous view…

…and at the same time tell y'all about the remastering of the old film on Blu-ray. What a movie! What a cast! Can't wait to watch again on our TV while nice an comfy in our room…

…well, you know!
As compared to a capture from just a few days ago, one sees the color intensifying.
What a gorgeous display, this year.

Look Who Came For Dinner! ♡

If one Chloe (our sweet GrandLove) is fabulous, just imagine two! How lucky can we get? 
Grandniece Chloe came with our Kim and Vicki for a fabulous weekend sleepover that flew by way too quickly.
We're here to tell you we had FUN!
Gorgeous Girl!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Monti Metamorphosis

Errands in Monti take longer, now that we're traveling "all the way" from Rock Hill. :-) But those trips have their rewards!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Wake-up Call… Make My Day!!

This past week, I decided to close my Instagram account. Seems that I was finding myself on the sites of strangers, looking at photos and contriving stories about them. And then I wonder "Why?" that wicker chair I've been painting isn't quite finished. You get the gist. My photos and blogs keep me busy enough, if I'm diligent about tending to them. And I need time to play WORDS, early in the morning and late at night. Then, there's my current read in iBooks. That's enough device-time, so as to allow time for everything else necessary or desired to accomplish in the course of a day. I digress…

Without mentioning a word to anyone, Instagram was history. Hmmm. It seems that Gavin noticed, though. Yesterday, he posted a picture of his new instrument on the site. He knew Gramps would see it on his IG account, but must've decided it was important enough to make me individually aware of. He was right. Anything he does thrills me and much to my surprise, I received messages, photos, video and audio files. My morning wake-up. What a thrill.
GrandLove Gav made my day.
He's such a thoughtful techie!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Triple-S Avocado 'n' Tomato Treat

Simplicity Speaks Sandwich of exactly three ingredients proves once again that the most delicious fare is comprised of simple, best-of-the-season ingredients. Avocados and vine-ripened tomatoes, abundantly available, speak for themselves... but when piled onto lightly toasted peasant bread… Lord-y!! For local friends of CMI, please know that the farm stand on Broadway carries Bread Alone delights.

And this one's for Tigger...

You made my day. And you're not scaring me! Cross the pond and come on over.
We'll share a Cuppa With A View! xo