Thursday, September 27, 2012

Salmon-Stuffed Dover Sole

The delicate white fishes like flounder and sole are so delicious. Unfortunately, they are not dense enough for Joe... he thinks he's eating air. In an effort to please both of us, I came up with tonight's  recipe for about a pound of ocean-caught Dover sole:

First step was to finely process Ritz crackers and potato bread... egg/bread fillets and place on sprayed pan. Next, into the Cuisinart went a can of Trader's salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon juice and mustard. After a few whirls, I tossed in a few binding breadcrumbs and layered the mix onto the fish. Another layer of egged/breaded fillets topped that, seasoned with paprika and garlic powder. After a good spray of EVOO, into the pre-heated 400-degree oven it went for 25 minutes.

Delicious... a keeper! Buon Appetito.

It's National Dog Week, Folks!

"Even when my beard is filthy, my humans love me!"

A Whole New Whirlwind World ♡

A school holiday for Yom Kippur and a quick visit to our distant GrandLoves provided us with a few hugs and lots of activity. What a perfect day to thankfully reflect.
"Is it dinnertime???"

Lyla is thriving and positively exquisite... a chunk-a, chunk-a burnin' love. 
Parallel bars, tumbling...what a workout!

Gymnast Chloe loves to sing her talented and gorgeous little heart out, as she plays and creates. 
Practice was fantastic...lots of slugging with a new bat!

Hunter, our pro ball-player-to-be, enthusiastically loves everything and everyone. He is sunshine personified.

Yep, it's clearly a whole new whirlwind world, for this generation of parents and kids... but who can argue with success? 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Beginning for Aubs!

How exciting to open iMessages and find a video of our Sugar playing her newly acquired instrument. Joe and I so vividly recall taking her to see "Fiddler On The Roof", several years ago. How time flies. It was a terrific production of a favorite play, put on by a local troupe; we had pit seats. Aubs spent almost the entire two hours watching the dynamic (orchestra) violinist. Hmmm... can't help but wonder.

Something Different Chicken 'n' Taters

Slowly but surely, I'm revving up my cucina for the more serious dishes of fall and winter. It's enjoyable to speculate on what to do with the same old ingredients, before executing an idea or two. Yesterday's challenge came by way of just one butterflied chicken breast, one red pepper, one sweet onion and two tiny summer potatoes. Yes, less can be more.

The chicken was pounded thin and spread with Laughing Cow Light, tomato sauce, a few drops of Balsamic and Italian herbs. After rolling and shaping into a pan sprayed with EVOO/covered with course breadcrumbs, I topped with more crumbs/herbs/spices/EVOO and cut the onion into remaining space. It baked, uncovered, in a preheated 350-degree for 45 minutes, the result perfect for slicing into medallions.

The pepper was seared, skinned, puréed with Chobani plain/EVOO and added to hand-mashed, boiled potatoes, to be placed in sprayed baker, topped with butter/ground pepper and heated.
Buon Appetito!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pages From My Dad's Life ♥

So, today is Great Grandpa Gus's birthday - my Dad. Like Gavin, I sure do miss (link) Great Grandpa Gus. I thought to take a page or two from his life, to share here on CMI. The war days. With Dad overseas, my very young Mom diligently kept the photos. The stories Dad told me repeatedly, at my request, are harbored here. The old and tattered album is a treasure trove of memories. Please left double-click on photos for a closer view.
The Belgian family. These were Dad's friends; they sheltered him and his compadres with love, grounding them for the hopeful return to their own cherished ones. You know, I feel my Dad's presence here, right now, as I wish I could say, "Daddy, please tell me about your friends, again."
Then, there is the picture of movie-star-gorgeous Mom that she had taken at Eva's Farm, right near our current home. Upon receipt, Dad had it cropped and reproduced to the amazing result seen here.
The apart years. They've become far too long, since he again left us in 1976. But still, he is such an integral part of me. I love him so much. Today, I'll bake chocolate cake. 

A Birthday. Forever in my heart and soul... images embedded in my mind.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Color Me Purple

We are abloom in Asters... need some? They are easily shared.

It Must Be A Fall Sunday - Tied At Four


Just last weekend, Christian mentioned that he and Dawn really enjoyed "Arbitrage" in the theater, their first dinner-movie "date" since Lyla was born. Imagine my surprise to find it on Pay-Per-View, last night. Yep... seems it's been there since its release. A quick okay to $6.99 and we were in business.

Richard Gere is the arbitrageur and Susan Sarandon his wife (I wish she had a larger role). The story held enough twists to make the old money-talks theme a little different. Our only complaint came with the film's rather abrupt finale; conclusions were left to the viewer. Also, we had issues with our new-ish TV. But hey, that's entertainment and we were pleased. Winter is coming, so I'd say put it on your rental list. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I'm cryin' in my cuppa...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mom 'n' Elvis

Thanks to Ellen Bush for the super photo and for
encouraging Mom to attend the event.

Elvis recently showed up for the party at Mom's residence. Okay, okay... it was our local Eric Bressi, who currently keeps busy entertaining those who can use some extra cheer. Check him out at the link provided, as his is a unique story.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey, We Made Some History with Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band!!

Just a little piece of last night's four-hour show was this gem from Brooooooooooce and company. His original drummer, Mad Dog, returned for The E Street Shuffle and a few other gems. Oh, what a night! It was full of highlights, as we shared space with Bruce, Max, Little Steven and the all other musicians, each brilliant in his or her own right. We loved his frequent descent from the stage, to mingle with fans... once even being crowd-surfed back to the stage, singing all the way and never missing a beat. Wow... talk about trust! 

 So sad to miss Clarence Clemons, but what a treat to see the loyal fan base welcome his nephew, mega-talented Jake, to his first tour. Without ever mentioning Clarence's name, Bruce brought his spirit to the stadium in a touching tribute that honored The Big Man and grounded fans.

Joe is stingy with his "tens"... but the top rating rolled off his tongue, at the end of the evening. We were mesmerized, exhilarated and a tad exhausted :-) from rocking out, non-stop. My only regret? Why did it take us so long to see them live? We can't wait for a rerun...

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band... in a class of their own. Happy 63rd Birthday to this megastar whose smile is the most infectious I've ever seen... four hours wide and long.

Now, excuse me, please... I'm searching for tickets! I love rock 'n' roll music, and...
nobody does it better... right to the Twist And Shout finale and fireworks.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Team Member Robin Roberts...

Getty Image

Michelle's HOPE
Just ask and I'll tell you how much I love my GMA team, especially the ever-graceful Robin. We wish her well, as she faces yet another devastating health challenge, with a bone marrow transplant scheduled for tomorrow. Prayers.

Arsenic 'n' Old Rice - A Recipe?

Coincidence factors in, once again. We had the most delicious rice, last night... Trader's Basmati, straight from the foothills of the Himalayans. A little pang of guilt** for choosing white over brown was quickly overcome, when it came out of the rice cooker... a grain at a time! There was no fluffing with a fork, Friends, 'cause it was perfect. So, yet another report about how we're poisoning ourselves with food struck us a tad harder than normal, this morning. Jeesh. Even air contains arsenic, so do we need to stop breathing? But there's good news...

White rice is polished and thus contains less arsenic than the previously-considered-healthier brown variety. Ahh, I shall march into my new day truly guilt free.** Whatever...
Back to the results. You do possess this little pot, by now; right? Just search CMI to see its endless uses. Here's an appropriate one, in light of the arrival of apple season. For the rice, just measure ingredients into the cooker and go relax. Perfection was never so easy.

Buon Appetito... arsenic and all...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Grow It, Throw It, Stow It

Grow It:
There is something invigorating about cleaning out garden beds in the Spring, readying them for the return of perennials and/or fresh plantings. I can work all day long and well into evening, excited for the next session of digging in dirt. The rewards of a long, hot Summer such as the one past are brilliant.

Throw It:
But Fall? Ugh. Somehow trimming stalky leaves back and removing annuals, as they finish their runs, just doesn't cut it. It's exhausting to fill wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, full of garden contents to be tossed in the woods or on the mulch pile.

Stow It:
Just as I threaten to quit gardening and put my efforts elsewhere, there it is - the harvest. I'm not talkin' veggies, here; but how rich I feel to display dried Silver Dollars and multicolored Hydrangea blooms.

The New Party People

It is obviously a team effort at the Roscoe Facility that allows for the homiest feel possible, when a family takes a radical plunge on behalf of a loved one. Yesterday's festivities proved this, once again.

Family Day was executed entirely by staff. I wish I'd taken more photos to demonstrate the amazing food spread, all prepared in house. Watermelon baskets and plentiful fruit displays enhanced it all. Many proclaimed it too pretty to eat!
Roscoe's dining room is gorgeous to begin with, and yesterday, each table sported a bouquet of flowers. The party spilled over to the the great outdoors, pictured here on CMI in several previous posts - here's one. Tents, balloons, tables and chairs were set under a brilliant blue sky with special effects... that is, smoke from an enormous barbecue pit. We quickly moved out there; but again, I've no further pics. Shame on me!

Unfortunately, our family is busy, busy, with the beginning of school and various sporting interests for the GrandLoves. It was nice, though, to share our day with Shirley, Madre's new best friend.

We are so grateful to all we've met, thus far... kind, caring people who make Mom happy and us confident. If you're in the hood, stop in for Friday night cocktails...

Thank you so much to the new party people we've grown so fond of.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bye, Bye Botwins

Andy 'n' Doug in a past episode
Season 8 of "Weeds" really revved up - it was terrific! It brought us back to the hilarious days of old, before wending its way to a futuristic finale. Ah, 'tis a pity that the series has ended. Stevie's almost-Bar Mitzvah speech was a highlight. Even if you've never watched, this episode is worthwhile, just to experience that one synagogue scene... quite the statement on organized religion. I can relate. What am I? :-) (Not to worry... I'm secure in the knowledge.) What better time to wish my readers a happy, healthy Rosh Hashanah... 

 We'll miss our favorites. I'm a huge fan of Andy's. Joe finds Doug hilarious. Great cast, all around. 

Little boxes on the hillside, 
Little boxes made of ticky tacky...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Showboating 'n' Sharing

Forgive me, but I must share our Chapin Beach sunset just one more time.  This was my favorite vacation photo, so I decided to have it reproduced on canvas by Canvas4Life. What a phenomenal result! How did I choose them? Well, feedback was excellent, but coincidence grabbed me, once again. Their street address is Chapin Road. Be sure to find amazing savings via coupons, available online. Recommended.
This was supposed to be a special anniversary gift for Joe... just couldn't wrap it and let it sit for a month, though, so he was surprised when he sat in his TV chair and glanced up...

It was a hit! Joe says it has the feel of viewing the sea through a window. I like the option of using just the center and right panel, if we so desire... equally pretty.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

JAMA says, "Eat your Omega 3's!"

Have you heard the latest? All those Omega-3 fish oil capsules we've been consuming might not be so effective, after all. It's always something in the world of conflicting opinions and studies. Check out the (link) JAMA news of September 12th. It seems we need to eat more salmon, Friends. Yes, yes, I cook wild salmon fairly regularly, but I'm not Saint Nick. So, it's back to trusty Trader's.
Christian told me about their skinless, boneless, no salt added Alaskan pink wild salmon. It's delicious, with 180 calories in a 6-ounce can. I mix the entire contents with 2 tablespoons of TJ's reduced-fat cilantro dressing, 45 calories, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Serve it overflowing on a taco, 70 calories, with a wedge of Laughing Cow light, 35 calories, and cucumber slices. Garnish with parsley flakes. 

Outrageously delicious and nutritious!
Buon Appetito!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yarn Bombing

No, no, no to violence - but Yarn Bombing? Now this sounds like fun... and...

Wait till Auntie Peaches sees this concept, from Lion Brand yarn. Sure, they are online; but order a catalogue and just drool. The colors! The hip styles! The ideas! Something for everyone... 

As for the chair, I can envision it in Aubrey's bedroom, or maybe in Auntie's living room. Yes?! If you don't knit or crochet, LEARN! No? Well then, just collect sweaters from your own drawers and/or hit on relatives, friends and thrift shops to find diversity in texture, color and wild thangs. Cut and sew. Find a few kids to make pom-poms. No pom-pom maker? No problem. Wind lots of yarn around stiff cardboard; slide off and tie in middle; cut ends and fluff, fluff, fluff.

My Plays On The Idea:
I'm thinkin' of old rattan seats that might need some reweaving. How 'bout a temporary fix? Some nice, cushy yarn bombing would work well... think stuffing... and finish with long ties and dangling pom-poms... and/or...

Booties... especially for chairs that need to slide on tile or wood. Yes, I shall get crackin' asap for our kitchen chairs.

Happy Creating...Color Me! 

Sunset Signals

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mamacita, I Need A Haircut!

Mambo's hair is to die for... really! It is lush and curly and grows fast, especially in the summertime. It's hair, not fur, and needs to be cut often. I'm the barber. Don't ask how I got the position...

I last groomed him just before Lyla was born; that would be at the beginning of August. A trip to the beach always wreaks havoc on his belly hair... that would be the grayish, knotty stuff in the picture. The remainder is soft. Altogether, it half filled an eleven-gallon bag. Post haircut, it looks like he lost about eight pounds. 
We started at ten a.m. I hit the shower at three p.m., as he hit the patio for a nice, long siesta. It's work, but he's worth every second of time spent. The rewards he affords us are endless. 

September 11th - Can We?

a borrowed bumper sticker 
Michael Arad's Memorial - (link) "Reflecting Absence"

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home Is Where The Hibiscus Blooms

We crossed the Sagamore Bridge, but the nearby Bourne was looking particularly lovely, this morning.
We were off the sunny Cape in half an hour and continued to breeze home in whacky weather... sun, fierce rain, sun, wind, showers, sun, tornado warnings. So, what else is new? 

Mambo never budged, during pitstops and lunch. Hey, vacation is exhausting!

White hibiscus is in bloom and the hummingbird feeders remain full. The little birds must have flown the coop, while we were gone.

Have I mentioned that we love Cape Cod? Ah, but home, sweet home is where the heart is.

Friday, September 7, 2012

An Umbrella Day

Day Ten was a Ten Day... just awesome. Tomorrow, it's time to head home. Mission accomplished...we are relaxed and refreshed. Surf, sand, salt air and spectacular sights filled the bill. 
We are grateful for incredible time spent together. 

Walk On Water?

There's a story here, but I'm not tellin'...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

53 Steps To A Surfin' Safari

We awakened this morning to the return of Old Sol. Yippee! After a great breakfast here at the rented ranch and a stop at Sam's Deli in North Eastham for beach-y lunch fare, we hit our new favorite, Marconi, once again. 
Mambo seems to be saying, "Just smell that salt air..."
 Joe counted... there are 53 steps down huge, sun-drenched dunes to access the most amazing beach, where the sea and sky merge in exquisite shades of blue. Hey, I know that guy with all the beach gear. :-) 
Rumor had it that today's surf would be wild and crazy, after yesterday's rain. It was. With a sprinkling of beach lovers such as ourselves for an audience, exhilarated surfers put on the show of shows. 
"The guy in the green and black wetsuit" became my person to watch. Using a short board, he gave a performance comparable to that of a freestyle skier... one who would also use short boards. 
What a great day for surfers and sand-dwellers, alike. Giving thanks.