Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Daze

What can be more dazzling than Summer days? They fly by with a vengeance, leaving us in a blur that was the rarity of the season. Sure, we still have almost another month till the calendar declares Fall. But the reality is that Labor Day signifies the transition. Pools are closed, schools are opened and cool-weather clothes sit ready and waiting for kids who will soon need them. Sigh. Thing is, it's up to us to create boatloads of memories to sustain us till it's once again time to rekindle mindless fun and ice-cream days. 
Since my July 21st entry, we've added new numbers for Christian, Lyla, Brian and Dawn, 40, 1, 43 and 42, respectively.
It was our good fortune to light a few candles together, and yes, it's true - Lyla was the star!
Finally, the older GrandLoves enjoyed a sleepover, here at the Ranch. Kind of reminded us of days gone by, when Kim and Vicki would join the boys for some fun in the sun. There's nothing like good history repeating itself.
Our attempts to have Hunter and Chloe come to stay for a week have been thwarted all year. Finally, a fantastic week happened. Even the weather cooperated, giving us mostly sunshiny pool weather. Mambo was exceptionally pleased.
In between laps, the basketball court got a pretty good workout, as did the new-and-improved playroom. And the kitchen. Good Lord! When's the last time you tried to keep 9- and 8-year-old boys full? What you see here is Hunter munching on a third overflowing taco...

"Do you know why grandmas and grandpas are better than moms and dads? Because they have fewer rules." Hunter

"G'ma, you have the best diner in town." Gav

"G'ma?" ("Yes, Honey...") I love you with all my heart." Hunter

And that's all she wrote.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Buon Giorno! The Story...

It's nearly impossible to believe that over a month has gone by since my last entry! August is flying by with boatloads of family activity.
I'll share "The Story" soon and hope to hear beautiful renditions from y'all, too. Meanwhile, enjoy the waning days of Summer. 
Be well and happy. xo