Friday, August 31, 2012

Cape Scapes - Something Different

Wednesday was departure day, in our quest for some soul-satisfying, seaside solitude. With the Cape still in season for a few more days, we packed our well-worn beach gear and settled for an unusual spot on the Swan River. Crowds have already thinned considerably. By Monday, "serenity" shall be redefined. 
We love salt air, and...
Our new digs in Dennis have opened our eyes once again to the endless variety that Cape Cod possesses... same place - different vacation. Though we're still searching for our cousins :-), we'd gotten into an off-road habit that kept us from other magnificent beaches. And, those "cutesy" seals have now grown in number to an estimated fifteen thousand. The water is gross, where they hover. (Use your imagination, here.) Great whites have become a danger and many beaches are closed to swimming. Just last week, a visitor captured Jaws devouring a seal carcass, close to shore. It is imperative to find safe waters, if one intends to actually swim.
It is so important to respect the dunes... they are threatened. 
It is said that the Cape's topography shall undergo radical changes in the next century. 
We'd visited the impressive National Seashore's Marconi Beach (link) two years ago, during a fall retreat here. 
Its incredible Stairway To The Sea attracts many, for photo ops. It was yesterday's destination. 
The lifeguard-protected area is ample, and it's where beach-goers are mostly concentrated... it was nice to see people in the water! Walk a couple hundred feet in either direction for solitude. It's fun to glance back at what seem like a few ants in the sand and surf. The sand is delicious, making for easy trekking. The water is Cape-cold; wetsuits abound. Joe braved it, ever so briefly. We just spotted one seal, off in a distance. 
Thankfully, we saw no fins.
It was especially fun to watch a surfer dude teach a bunch of young-uns to ride. We witnessed one very little girl, all bleachy-beachy blonde, experiencing her first successful launch. Dude was in the water, lending lots of moral support to his students. Maybe in my next life?
As the sun set, we returned to our cottage, where we witnessed the moon rising over the river. 
We dined by its light, exhausted and contented. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Mother, My Self and Robert Redford

It's a helluva job to go through someone else's stuff, in order to clean out a house. But the time had come for attention to be given to the lake house. It's not so painful, since Mom is still with us, happily ensconced in her new digs. Giving thanks. In addition, we know that she enjoyed many, many years in the home-with-a-view that we provided her, after Dad died. But you know the gig... "Why would someone keep this?" becomes the question. Everyone's measure of value for his or her stuff is different. I must admit, though, that when I found Robert Redford... all 11 x 14 inches of him, still wrapped in cellophane and in pristine condition... I experienced a MY MOTHER, MY SELF moment. Did you read the book, back in the early seventies? Recommended. I digress...
Gotta luv our similar taste, in the superstar arena...
Y'all might recall that "The Way We Were" remains my all-time favorite movie. Yes, Katie and Hubbell have been stars of CMI, before. Ah, makes me sway, just to think about that scene, when Babs pushes R.R. Superstar's hair aside and they share the most tender film moment ev-ah! Not to forget that Joe has been compared in looks to the young R.R. on more than one occasion. But there's more to this story...

After finishing for the day, I returned to Stacey Drive with Bob tucked into my trunk, and there it was... the Fall 2012 SUNDANCE catalogue... in the mailbox. Yeah, yeah, that's right - it's my favorite, too. He'd arrived. 
Welcome to my world of sheer coincidence.
We'll see what Mom says when I present her with the framed print. Will she remember having purchased it? 
Somethin' tells me that this she shall recall...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tracking The Truth

As "The Newsroom" winds down with its fabulous last episode, real life fast approaches with a presidential election just around the corner. First question? Who IS Paul Ryan? First source of info in a Google search? Why, it's Glenn Kessler's HUFF POST truth or dare column.... perhaps not the worst gauge for decision-making in 2012. Shall I just count Pinocchio vs. Geppetto icons, the latter being ever so rare in the world of politics? Groan. Still sticking to my guns, though. Can the middle class or lower afford to have the Bobbsey twins in the highest positions of the land?

     Yet another reason for despising the fact that summer is fast waning...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Changing Of The Yard Guards ♥

The long-anticipated WHOLE WEEK has arrived. Is anyone having fun yet? Gotta love the boundless energy that drives one to the nearest chair for a refreshing nap. 
I only wish... 

Vicki ♥

You are truly a gem. Nan remembered and spoke of your visit; and we enjoyed our share of your time. 
So sorry for the rush factor... not even a Kodak. 

You've special powers of love and lovin' and deserve so much in return.
We love you always.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"I'd like this piece of driftwood, Joe!"

Today's Kayakin' Lakescape

First Stop - To Meet Baby Lyla ♥♥♥♥♥

First Formal Portrait by Bri.... Our FIVE BabyGrands.... Oh, My....

The Tornado Has Left The Building...Gone Campin' ♥

Gone Fishin'

Boys Bait
Girls Fish
Gramps Supervises
Sunny Is Set Free

New Territory

That's Mom's window, directly behind her. 
See the hazy mountain range, looming over the building?
We had a nice visit, before we hit the lake... and for Gavin, there was new territory to explore!
For a kid who likes sweets so much, Gav sure did enjoy very tart apples (yes, that's plural) from the resident tree that sits right outside of "Big" Nanny's room. 

Did you know that Roscoe sports a mascot, appropriately named for our county? And...

Mom tells me that she helped to name the new white bunny rabbit that recently made Roscoe his home.
In a collaborative effort, up-and-coming-photographer Aubs and I caught a few shots of the morning. 
We left that place hoppin'!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Lovin' Me Some Auntie Peaches ♥

Has it really been just shy of a month since we painted those (link) big sheets of orange? As promised, I'm steering y'all to (link) Auntie Peaches. She has a wonderful way of inspiring creativity with projects that are often easily adaptable to various skill levels and ages. Soooo, when I saw her amazing, ginormous flower, I thought, "BabyGrands!!!" 
Even simplified, it's a two-day project, especially if your kids or grands love LOTS of paint, as we do. We smothered the backs of large, unused calendar sheets. When finally we got around to Part II, we used swim breaks in the great outdoors to finish the masterpiece. In addition to painting, there's lots of cutting, styling and gluing. Am I biased, or did Aubrey and Gavin do a spectacular job? They are presenting it to their Daddy as a belated-for-2012 or early-for-2013 birthday gift. 
There's a lot of lovin' in this sunny artwork, as well as real seeds, harvested from our current crop of (link) 
Silver Dollars
We're already planning a ginormous Christmas Poinsettia...and some mistletoe. Stay tuned
Lovin' kudos to Aubs and Gav. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Enhancements - A Recipe For Successful Muffins

Oooh-kay, so you already know that we travel miles and miles, just so that I can stock up on my favorite Trader Joe's products. Yeah, yeah, there's a little bit of lunacy involved here, along with a lot of ingredient obsessions. A girl's just gotta do what she's gotta do. Well...

Things have improved. We no longer have to go to the Danbury store, 'cause lo and behold, one opened in Albany... a direction we actually travel in to see our distant Babes. Perfect. Sooooo...

After welcoming Lyla and before heading home, last week, we made a little stop. We'd missed the August 3rd opening. Christian tells me it was a lallapalooza - mass bedlam, with the need to hire local law enforcement to direct traffic and hot tempers in even hotter temperatures. By the time we arrived, there was only one police officer and lots of happy campers, just like us.
Inspired by a grinder of TJ's cinnamon 'n' sugar and a brand new bag of Sam's bargain berries, I decided to make nutritious muffins from the too-ripe bananas perfuming my kitchen. You know what to do...

Just add a cup of frozen berries to your favorite banana bread recipe... and try subbing light brown sugar for white. Don't forget to add walnuts; there's nothing like a little crunch. YUM!

Forever My Favorite ♡

Don't you miss that raspy voice and butter-lovin' style? I do, for sure. Miss Julia Child - one hundred, today. Swordfish is on the menu, for tonight, and it's begging for extra lemon-butter sauce, in honor of the best chef ever. Always my favorite reference:

don't forget to add the lovin'. 

Bon Appétit
We chose these for Dawn and Lyla's homecoming, last week... aren't they gorgeous? 
So appropriately named... let the sun shine in.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All In A Day At Jungle Habitat

Sometimes... yes, sometimes and by chance... one has the right lens on her camera. Such was the case, today. While Hummer was feeding by the kitchen window, Jelly was stalking from nearby woods... all rather normal, around the Old Homestead. But imagine my surprise when I saw a whole lot of Thanksgiving dinners crossing our front yard. Lord-y! The babes are SO cute... 
I'm going vegan, this November. 

After grazing on our delicious and nutritious front lawn, they wandered across the stone wall. Through the peninsula they continued, before strolling up Stacey to then feed away on Jim's lawn. In total, there were about two dozen birds - three mommas and the rest well-fed toddlers.

Ah, you've just gotta luv, luv Nature - I'm such a fan!