Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lovin' My Aubs-Mail ♡

Synching The Calendar

Ah, something different. It's the acknowledgment of CMI's very first Leap Day. We're catching up to ourselves, in synching our calendars with the cosmos. And those born on the 29th get to celebrate - legitimately. How lovely. Kind of reminds me of the silly childhood game. How many leaps did you last for? 

Thought I'd share this little ditty, currently leaping its way across the Internet. If you "x" out the ads, a little musical history shall be revealed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dancin' Fever

Line up the Words games, 'cause it's gonna be a long stretch of reality TV. Along with IDOL, now we'll have greater interest in Dancin'. "Why?" you ask. Well consider that homeboy, Gavin DeGraw, shall be a contestant. Bri once dated this celeb's sister. Does that count for anything, in the ticket arena? Also, Martina Navratilova will be stompin' her feet. Excuse me, while I figure out just how many days we've spent breathing the same air, at the US Open. Then, there's The View's Sherri. On Mondays through Fridays, I jog to the sound of her input. Not enough? How's this - Maxim is, after all, returning. 

Still, I'm loyal. Who can ever outdo JT?

Our Michelle ♡

No news is not always great news; but it can be okay and hopeful news. Such is the case with Michelle, whose past year has included cancer that metastasized to the breast, a double-mastectomy, radiation and tons of chemo. But still, she carries HOPE, wherever she goes, spreading the only word she wants to hear... 
well, except for "remission" or, even better, "cure".

With Spring, she'll gear up to participate in an annual fundraiser for Kids With Cancer. If she's got the energy and time, who am I to pull the "busy" card. I'm back in business, 'cause one thing is clear:

We Love Michelle.

Playin' Hard Ball!

Money talks; and it can sing and dance, and it can walk. I'd vote for Kid; 'nough said. Smile. AP Photo

Monday, February 27, 2012

Real Time - How Low Can He Go?

Doin' The Limbo Rock

Offbeat Filmmaking

Oscar proved one thing, last night: 
Audiences are ready to accept the unusual. 
Consider "The Artist"; it won Best Actor and Film categories, upsetting the perceived George-Brad race for the prize. Who could have imagined the comeback of a silent film? We look forward to forming our own opinions.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we watched a simply told story from Josh Leonard. You might remember him from "The Blair Witch Project". In his current film, "The Lie", he explores issues between a young couple with a child. His character tells a freaky lie to avoid work, one day. The untruth develops a life of its own, eventually baring underlying reality. Joe gave it a lowly "3", though he's the one who stated its message, something I enjoyed the conveyance of. Maybe a "6".

AP Photo
Back to Oscar. I've already reviewed both the book and movie, "The Help", somewhere in the archives of CMI. I was thrilled for Octavia's Best Supporting prize. She was phenomenal, as was Viola. But I'm sure I'll love winning Meryl, too, as she's always been a favorite.

The fashion? To die for.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


And Aubs hoped he'd last till July!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Making Of A Superstar

If you have an hour and a half to spare, I highly recommend "Namath", the story of Joe Namath, currently airing on HBO. I surprised myself by enjoying it so immensely. Above all, what interested me is the societal lesson that it incorporates. It's impossible to watch and listen without acknowledging the mention of prescription drugs and how easily obtainable they were/are, especially for a celebrity playing life in pain. He tossed the pills and instead chose alcohol as a personal drug of choice. It nearly killed him, before the same inner strength that drove his abilities worked to make him heal. The life saved is well worth living, as he enjoys his beautiful family. Congratulations, Broadway Joe, on a higher level than that of a game of ball.

So, What's The Game?

Every waking moment for a child is a learning experience. They are like little sponges. Even Wii games and activities offer so much more than this adult imagined.

Consider the orchestration that accompanies the action. Musical CD's are provided for certain games... and not a lyric tells the story. With just one comment about the instrumental sounds and what they reminded me of... water, action, etc... Gavin began a new game. 

"G'ma, what do you memorize imagine here?" 

He, of course, knows exactly what the corresponding action is in Mario's world. "Yes!" and "No!" became his excited responses to my guesses, followed by discussions of how incredible it is to comprehend without words. With the score truly memorized, he chose songs from the CD jacket, as we pursued the newly invented game. Aubs cheered us on, confirming Gav's interpretations. Brilliant. I'm so pleased that they truly hear the music.

Vintage Hat ♡

Friday, February 24, 2012


Okay, so Joe was right... way too early to replace storms with screens. And the kids had a snow day, today. 
Go figure. Our snow-person family has grown. The Mrs. is lovely, don't you think?
Snow-fight screeches livened up our too-quiet neighborhood. Mambo's boots were weighted down by the heavy, white, wet stuff. No Colorado powder, here. And now, it's pouring rain. Oy vey.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Do You See?

Nature's many faces are so interesting; don't you think? Consider the gulls and roaming chicken. Then, look carefully at the face of the gorgeous orchid. Do you see what I see? Please don't forget to left double-click on the photos, if you need a closer perspective.
Moving along: It seems as though I'm an expensive date; or so I've been told. Ya think? Jeesh, what's a little lunch by the river when a girl is riding shotgun and trying to remember what fitting Chong needs (name changed for the purpose of privacy)? And who can resist the fresh hot pink of newly arrived flowers, for sale at a favorite pitstop? All rhetorical questions.
As for the significance of the exotically-feathered chicken and why I felt a photo capture necessary? I'm a tad envious of Kelly Ripa, currently broadcasting from Hawai'i. It's almost as though G-d threw that bird in front of the car, just to remind me of all the wild noisemakers we witnessed, as they roamed Kaua'i. Oh, and I'd be remiss were I not to mention that ND just played Honolulu. Seriously, I was meant to be an Island girl. 

...for today, NY's Hudson shall have to suffice. A girl can pretend, while she awaits the tickling of toes by Pacific waves and white sands.

WhewI'm pooped. A hard day at work. Thanks, Honey. You wouldn't want me any other way; right? 
Another rhetorical question, I presume....

Spring Training For The Soul

It's palpable! We can feel it in the air. Spring. Yep, yesterday I opened windows in each room of the house and let the 50-something-degree air in. Today, I've got the sniffles; but, what the hell. And speaking of hell...

Cardinal Dolan has returned from Rome and reminds us that it's time to spring-clean our souls, a chunk of Catholicism I actually enjoy, in concept. The Lenten season. It's a good thing for us to consider from whence we came and to where we shall return. Dust to dust; ashes to ashes. Whatever one's religion of choice, it can't hurt to revive spirituality by doing good for others... and thus, for ourselves. The charitable aspect of Lent. It's the avoidance of hell, for believers of all denominations. He's a character, Timothy Dolan... a born leader. I hope he finds his New York hotdog, and fast.... as he enjoys...


...our beloved NY Yankees, who are back in spring training of another variety. Well, actually, our team is soulful; don't you think? Consider this: It will be hell when Mo retires. Show me a fan who doesn't love him? With no disrespect, he's considered a savior of sorts, yes? 

Here's to rebirth.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

United KingdomS?

This one's for Tigger, with thanks for being so loyal to CMI. Your input is always appreciated. I must tell you and other UK readers (thank you, too!) that you dominated our news, this morning:

It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee... so, let's make some money off of it...

As the Middleton Family is doing. Okay, so they are in-laws. But still, we hear that the media (yours!) is feasting on the tackiness of it all. Then...

There is Adele. I'm a fan. So, when I saw her mansion in the countryside, now accessible by helicopter, I thought, "Okay. Not sure why she'd want this albatross, but whatever floats her proverbial boat has been earned." 
Oh, forgot to mention that the newsworthy part was the recent issuance of a landing permit.

Good Morning, America! And United Kingdom!
United We Stand, Tigger!

Get FAT!

Once again, it's time to indulge, 'cause today is that Tuesday. Bead it up. Party hearty. Or, party hardy, if that's the way you like it! Indulge, only to begin deprivation, if your practice so dictates. Why? Well, in confirmation that Spring is, after all, on its way, it's Mardi Gras time, followed by Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season. 

Happy Fat Tuesday.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2 1/2 Generations

Two and a half generations of kids skiing at Holiday have not escaped the watchful eye of a certain Ski Patroller, whose name I shall not reveal. Come on! Clearly, you know, anyway. 
Photo of the Unsuspecting by Joe
Aubrey, what in Heaven's name did you do? Jump a mogul? Tree ski? Cut someone off? Practice your stem-Christie in front of some little kid who was pizza-wedging... or, as we called it in the day, snow-ploughing? 

Behave, Girlfriend, for G-d knows no wrath like that of this old-time, all-time gal!!
A legend in her own time... just gotta luv 'er. Ahem.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Church For Whitney

That was beautiful. We hope she rests in peace.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thumbs Up ☃

We took the plunge and added Wii to the repertoire, here at the Old Homestead. Hey, in addition to Mario, we invested in Zumba... just in time for a svelte spring? We shall see. Whatever. Not to worry that kids become addicted. They like to move around, amongst activities of interest. Just ask me; we played from early morning till the sun went down. Ah, it's a good tired; and a few favorite pastimes were even squeezed in... not that these grandparents need an excuse. But...
Yesterday's snow was melting fast. Before winter wanes completely, we desired at least one Frosty; but "...he sort of looks like Pinocchio, with his long nose, G'ma..." Ultimately, he became Dudley, named after the errant reindeer reported about at Christmastime. Remember? Of course not; just trust me. And there was shoveling to do... heavy, slushy stuff, 'cause today we hit the high forties. Crazy, right?
Ooooh-kay, still had to squeeze in painting with Aubs, while Gav taught Gramps how to play Mario Baseball, or some such thing. Yeah, yeah, those perfectly structured lines are just fine. Sketch and paint. But, come on... let's let freedom ring, Girlfriend! 

With palette knives and thick paints, we worked to the beat of some good ole rock 'n' roll. Aubs likes "Solitary Man". WowWouldn't the not-so-solitary man be pleased to know. We can't wait till summer. Then, we're gonna do some splatter work. YAY! 
Color us textured, like life itself. A great day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cousins ♡

In a first, our district has not used one snow day, all season long. Sure, we had a couple of delays, but our new superintendent doesn't fool around; he's a former Buffalonian. Enough said. So, days are being gifted, first to Presidents' weekend, and then... who knows? Are lengthier spring and summer breaks in our future? 
All that said...

It's snowing - right now, in real time. 
"This is fun, Coz!"
Boy cousins love to make snow angels devils and/or rest in/on the white 'n' fluffy. What to do? The bottom of a ski run covered in man-made fluff recently served their purpose, but parents and ski patrollers quickly thwarted their fun. Out of control boards can hurt. Maybe there shall yet be a chance for late-winter, backyard pastimes. 
Let It Snow!
Real Time - Snowy Cousins, Too?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nothing Idle About This Week's IDOl

WOWThere are now many possibilities. How hard to pick the top few final contestants, but we'll stay tuned for more agony and ecstasy, as the group is further whittled away. 

Are You Watching?

Wiki Photo of
Neapolitan Italian Mastiff

We keep forgetting that Westminster is happening at the Garden... till, that is, we channel surf. Then, we hang for a time, to check out the breeds we either (a) don't know of, or (b) have forgotten about. Just give me one of each. Well, except that I'm not sure if I can stay in love with some faces! But then, beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder, eh?

Et Vous?

Put me in an office supply or art shop, online or brick-and-mortar, and I'm in Seventh Heaven. Yep, I'd take it over a candy store. There is power in paper. But I'm wondering: Were you to receive a nice, new batch of Moleskine mid-sized-ruled, what would you say? 

My Mole-eh-skeen-ahs just arrived.
My Mole-eh-skeens are here.
My Mole-skins made it. YAY.

I'm going for number one, with its Italian flare and just enough yuppie association. But the French is pretty, too. Joe? He's so true red-white 'n' blue. It's Mole-skin, for him.

Now, please excuse me. I'm hoping to be inspired by the great authors and artists who came before me, in the world of (link) Moleskine

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012


"Idol" star Jennifer Hudson payed exquisite tribute to Whitney, last night, during a Grammy Awards show that was tinged by sadness. With very little notice to get herself together emotionally so as to rehearse, Ms. Hudson managed to humble the crowd of greats. She herself left the stage quickly, and from what is reported this morning, then cried her own tears of loss. 
No better tribute could have been sung. 


As for the show, it was fun to be kept apprised of what "new" is blending with "old" in the world of song. Country stars are certainly here, as our oldies, Sir Paul and The Boss, still rule. One thing is clear: I need to buy some Adele music.

Christmas In February

Our extended family is scattered over too many miles, so it is not uncommon to exchange Santa's fare during months other than December. I've begun my own little tradition of displaying late-coming ornaments till the following season, when they then assume proper places on the tree. 

Vicki gifted us this fabulously cheerful decoration, hand painted by a talented friend.

Merry Christmas. Thanks, Sweetie... it was so fun to chill. 
We love you. 

We're Thinkin' "JANG'S"

Our Babes come home starving. Not to be fooled, this is an after-school "snack" at our house and not Sunday morning breakfast. Aubs and Gav make their own eggs, now, with perfect wrist action for scrambling. And buckwheat reigns supreme for healthy pancakes. We're inspired and we're thinkin', "Breakfast restaurant!" No joke. We are all food obsessed... from Matriarch Great G'ma right on down to the littlest family member, Chloe. For this project, we're taking name suggestions. Gramps came up with...
...but we're not sure that he deserves top billing, since he'll probably be assigned  busboy duties. Seems that I've been designated Top Chef. Hey, I've waited my entire life for the rank! Aubs is self-assigned hostess/server, while Gav put dibs on the cash register and "...taking the $$$." 
Gotta luv Imagination as a driving force. 
Color Me Inspired.

Eggplant - Pretend Parm

Vicki and I are here to tell you that this is a delicious combo. First up are the breadcrumbs, homemade in the processor with potato bread (or whatever), sun-dried tomatoes and almonds. Egg and coat slices of young eggplant, spray and bake in a hot oven. When done, sandwich with a slice of tofu and chopped, roasted red pepper. Top with tomatoes and Laughing Cow Light; season as you wish.
 Bake at 350˚ till as hot and brown as desired.

To Note: If you've not already tried this type of tofu, you must. It is outrageously superior. Can't find it? will deliver quickly.
Healthy and Legal-Easy. 
Permission to use Vick's hand only.
Buon Appetito!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

While The News Was Breaking

We kind of went off on a musical tangent, last night, in finding vids and songs that we wanted to share with each other. Vick introduced us to the universal feel of song and dance, video posted below. I introduced her to the spiritual feel of Neil in Be. Together we found the two Michaels - Franti sayin' a lovin' Hey in the streets and Jackson with Olodum in Brazil, expressing concern that they don't care about us. From there, we moved on to the antics of fun-lovin' Cee Lo, at the Billboards. We reminisced about how and why Billy's lyrics mark so much time for Vicki, as ND's do for me. It is so amazing how the one G-d gifts a certain few, who then share with us. Our hearts forever hold the treasures. They become engrained in our souls. We sing and dance to the music, occasionally saddened by its message. There was so much more left to say... but then...

We heard. Whitney. Gone at forty-eight. How heartbreaking. Those gifts often come with an overwhelming price. Terribly saddened. How appropriate the timing to feel the tragedy.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thanks, Vick....

You have to feel peace!
Fun time!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update 911 - Be Afraid

It's just a week ago that I blogged 911 Emergency, and now this morning brings news of the attempted kidnapping of a second-grader. It occurred in a Georgia Wal-Mart. The perpetrator? A parolee convicted of manslaughter. Please link to the story and take note of the frightening video/photos captured by security cameras.

Thank G-d that Brittney, seven years old, had been taught properly and possessed the strength and ability to practice what she'd been taught.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So, is Words the new matchmaker of the Internet? Yesterday, a survey of somewhat suggestive questions popped up on its screen. 

Do you flirt when playing? 
Do you share personal information?
Would you date a Word opponent?
Nowadays, do you give your game ID rather than a phone #, when socializing?
Do you lighten up when you're whooping someone, if interested in a match of another variety?

And so it goes, and so it goes. I must confess that....

1. Some guy with a macho handle resigned on me when I didn't provide message-requested info regarding hometown, age and gender... wouldn't he have been surprisedAnd...

2. I've played multiple rematches with one particular player for weeks now, always at his invitation. We've never messaged, but do participate in killer-close games of War Of Roses Words. Um, you know what I mean. 
Does this practice constitute guilty pleasure? Whatever.

I skipped the survey. And I don't play anyone named zyngawf#.
The creator-issued-name-with-number is for those FB players and others who want no identity. Or, maybe they are bots, playing computer-generated matches? Who knows. It's a wild cyber world. Still...

Here's to Yentl.
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match...

Monday, February 6, 2012

I've Never Met A Gingersnap I Didn't Like

It's true... I'm fickle. Just can't stick with one best gingersnap. But I've gotta say that when Joe came home post-Christmas with these cookies, I was taken aback. I knew he'd hit pay-dirt in Jacobsen's special variety. 
Sam's reduced post-holiday price? Three dollars for this gorgeous tin, filled with 2.5 pounds of product. 
Yes, I said $3.00.

Soooo, when we got down to just one layer of delicacy, I thought to search for a refill. This is what I found. Seriously?? Sit before you open the link. The shock might knock you to the floor.

Maybe, in the long, run price-gouging is a favorable thing. I refilled with fat and salt-free air-popped corn... 
so legally good for snackin', pre Spring.