Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CARPE DIEM!!! Today on Golden Pond

Joe was about to jump into the shower early this morning to get ready for work when I suggested delaying the same so as to take an early kayak ride. It's a hot and steamy one, today, and I knew our trip around the lake wouldn't happen, if not taken early. He obliged me…
As a result, we received an incredible gift from Momma Nature, one we might have missed had it not been for neighbors Stephanie and Joe. We were paddling feverishly, but caught their signal after we'd passed a tree in which Baldie was perched. We are indebted to them for what was probably the very best eagle photo op ever. Imagine being on the water, under Big Bird!
After watching and shooting for about half an hour, we left to continue our ride, returning to the same spot about an hour later. Baldie was still there, providing even more captures before he soared off to the opposite side of the lake.

What a treat!! And what a lesson for human fishermen and women. Patience. It's a great virtue, for sure. Our star caught nothing in all that time, reminding us that it takes a long time to catch that lunker you're after… and an even longer time in the bird-watching arena to score such a special moment.
In other lakeside news, the water was perfectly still, this morning. What amazing reflections it offered up. How 'bout that seemingly upside-down tree?? 
Returning home, the gift that keeps on giving was in gorgeous bloom. Who can resist hibiscus in summer?
Sharing. Giving thanks.