Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Reclaiming My Creative Mojo

The other day, Zu mentioned that she was glad to see I'd reclaimed my blogging mojo. Thanks, Zula… and moving along, it's back to some crafty endeavors. It feels so good. No words. For a while, I thought I'd never again be inspired to create something… anything… but then…

In my search to find a simple project for the kids to work on during their next sleepover, I came across (link) Waldorf Stars. How the heck did I miss out on these during my own childhood, or that of my boys, or in the twelve years I've been a g'ma?  Wonderfully easy and ever-so-elegant, their possibilities are endless. Link above to find instructions for the simplest variety. Then, Google the different styles to test your abilities. As for supplies, I've already ordered (link) kite paper, a highly recommended product for stability and ease of use. But I wanted to practice. Enter Sam's Club…

Do you buy your wrap, ribbon and tissue paper at Sam's? If not, you must start doing so. You'll never run short of supplies. Well, not till some time in August. Make it work all year! Back to Christmas. I like to wrap and use packages around the house. They make awesome decorations that need not be stored from January through November. Make 'em gorgeous and then use the same ribbon on your tree. The coordinated look is so pretty, throughout the Old Homestead.
As for the tissue, think outside of the box. It can be used for projects, such as the stars or "stained glass" art. A tad delicate to work with, it nonetheless affords beautiful end results. My first attempt at a large star turned out less than perfect, but nonetheless charming. I added it to a huge gift in the foyer display.
For time spent watching nighttime TV, I cranked up the old needles and started a blanket. We'll see. I'm kind of creating as I go and have a recipient in mind, if it turns out to my satisfaction.
Giving Thanks for restored inspiration. Gran always boosted my self-esteem with her words, "Honey, you have hands of gold." I'd never want to disappoint her by being idle for too long. Thanks, Gran. This post is for you, spoken with my eternal love.