Monday, September 28, 2015

Stretching Summer

Golden Pond's "Bon Voyage" Sunrise

Summer flew, but not before a flurry of truly lovely lakeside activity in gorgeous August weather. What to do? Why, extend our favorite season… right till the calendar day that says, "Fall." That's precisely what we did, this year. In a first, we headed down for some southern comfort right after Labor Day, taking off during an exquisite Golden Pond sunrise. We were rewarded with two gorgeous, hot 'n' steamy beach weeks. Honestly, it was perfect. I would love for this to become our new norm…

Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains

We found a beautiful, pet-friendly condo in Murrell's Inlet and pledged our allegiance, once again, to the exquisite Huntington Beach State Park - alligators and all!! We learned that sandpipers love popcorn and bunny rabbits are not extinct, after all. Not to worry, though, we visited Surfside Beach, as well. It was so good to us, last January.

To note this time 'round are Benjamin's Bakery for the best beach lunches ever and the Seven Seas Fish Market for fresh, local grouper and shrimp après beach. We dined like royalty…

…and I developed an inexplicable love of punch buggies… please, Santa!

It doesn't take a whole lot to please us - just sand chairs and gorgeous beach. When the weather cooperates, there's not much else to report…

Oh, except that we stayed in DC on the way home and breathed the same air as Pope Francis. Wish we had seen him, 'cause he's clearly a rock star!! Did you hear his remark about families and the occasional breaking of plates? Gotta love that big smile, engaging sense of humor and message of love for all things great and small.

Be, Jonathan! 


Osprey resting...
If you're still checking out CMI, you have my sincere thanks.
Every picture tells a story… I hope y'all enjoy them.
Here's to exquisite sunrises and sets, wherever you may be
Happy Fall.
Sun setting on the Inlet