Friday, July 20, 2012

Rainy Day Lovin'♥

It was teeming rain, today. Aubs and Gav needed a break from camp. Parched grounds begged for a soaking, but camp is about sunshine and swimming... or so I am told. Some days are just meant for lazy lounging. They came with self-started projects - a handmade bag full of them, to be added to my birthday gems from their upstate cousins. It made my day to know they'd spent so much time expressing love via artwork. Precious.
We piled paint on large sheets of paper, for a project originally created by Auntie Peaches. I'll steer you towards her and it after those sheets finally dry, something that might take a while, considering the humidity.
We ate a lot. Aubs cooked breakfast pancakes and lunch meat 'n' cheese tacos. Their Daddy joined in the fare, this a nice surprise. We gamed. Gramps played Wii with Gav and took a nap (?????). It's true...

"G'ma!!! G'pa fell asleep while we were playing baseball. When he gets up, he'll see that I'm not there!" 

"You just can't argue with the body," says Gramps. 

Rainy Day Lovin' is good for the soul. 
Color Me Happy... "Why I Love You" (by Gav)
My Aubs*Hunter*Gav*Chloe B'day Collection