Friday, April 15, 2016

Hiatus Shoots

In spite of it all, NIK and I managed a few favorite hiatus shots and birthday remembrances. 
April 4th was Gran's special day. We awakened to snow. Yep, it was the white 'n' fluffy that never showed up during the winter.
April 11th was Vicki's day, but her visit happened earlier when we gifted her a special family heirloom. :-) Drive safely, Sweetie. This photo by Joe.

Christian popped in bearing springtime, by way of his very being and gorgeous, yellow tulips. As soon as the weather allows, we'll plant them outside in a special spot where Bambi can't find them.
Clouds reflected on the lake, making it look like piles of snow. It wasn't.
My beautiful orchid, an early February gift from Joe, still clings to a few of its original blooms, at the same time setting many new buds on old stems. A first, in all our years of enjoying this favorite flower.

All inspiring gifts that keep on giving...