Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sunshine 'n' Peace

Well, Hello Again. Thank you so much to all who remain and to those who've inquired as to my continued existence. :-)  Life has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride, around here, but we emerge on a gorgeous, sunny, spring day that has temps rising into the sixties. We'll take it.

In addition to life itself interrupting my blog, Joe's retirement has played a part. Used to be (for my entire lifetime) that the sun and I arose simultaneously. But now, Joe and I have learned to lounge 'round in the morning, making up for all the times we began our days way too early and in first gear. Hmmm. A body can get used to sleeping in and brunch instead of breakfast. First cuppa in bed is not so tough to take, either. Gone are sunrise blogs. I need to find my discipline, once again.

For today, I greet all with the warmth of the sun setting on a bloom of our prolific peace plant. Photo was taken last evening, here at Golden Pond. Please enjoy it and the sunny peacefulness it imparts.