Friday, July 22, 2016

Together, We Are 113 ♥

Last Saturday, July 16th, was my 70th birthday. It's an astounding number, one I'm grateful to have reached. On my 27th birthday in 1973, I vividly recall having gone to my doctor's, bag packed and thinking, "Surely, our baby is going to be born on this date." Well, that didn't happen. He told me to be patient. Just six days later, Christian arrived. July 22nd. All healthy and robust and positively beautiful. What a day in our lives. Such a blessing and now 43 years old with his own gorgeous and loving family. You've met them all.  
I'm missing my today-hug, but how sweet of the kids to come celebrate last weekend. We had an exquisite day - one to cherish. Christian and Dawn did everything, giving Joe et moi a much needed break after my hospital stay (a story for another day). Thanks so much, my Loves.

There are no words to express the gratitude I have for this day in our lives. We love you beyond words, Sunshine.
Happy, Happy Birthday.