Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Serious Sunday Sunshine

This past Sunday brought us back to the (link) Mountain Brauhaus to toast Christian's 43rd. We missed Dawn but had an incredible time with C and the kids. They love good food and trying new restaurants; even Lyla, not quite four, enjoyed a nice, long, seemingly-adult experience. As for Christian, he declared it his new favorite restaurant and had no recollection at all of having given us a gift certificate for the Brauhaus! 
The waitresses at this old family establishment are fabulous. This time, Melissa made sure our visit was perfection, quickly learning the kids' names and totally enraptured by their good manners and adventuresome ordering. She also put a birthday candle on Christian's dessert coffee. He was then serenaded by us and restaurant staff. He took it well :-). And the kids were thrilled.

Giving thanks for a happy day and a beautiful family.