Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Great Fourth!

Sure, "tomorrow" became a few days later; but hey, I'm here! Just as the kids are growing by leaps and bounds, so does time slip away, even when intentions are good. Time. Our most precious commodity. I digress…
The Fourth is such a great holiday. Festive. Fun. Food and fireworks laden. A time to express heartfelt appreciation to our military for the endless work they do to secure our freedoms. Our day to celebrate was on Sunday, thanks to Christian's orchestration in getting everyone together… no easy task, with schedules relentlessly factoring in. It ended up being a perfect choice, weather~wise. Saturday's gale-force winds would have kept the Babes out of the water. No joke! And we can't have that!!! Several brave sailors spent the better part of the day righting their downed Hobies. But Sunday? Ahhh… perfection.
Those kids! They fall into their play patterns without skipping a beat. It is truly precious. Before they hit the water in various crafts, Hunter played his newest piece for us and a couple neighbors. Linda thought this granny exaggerated. She was in awe. Thank you so much, Honey.
Another portrait was on my agenda. They obliged. Serious and then silly. There is nothing like GrandLovin'…
Last year...
And then, my Sons/my Suns obliged me with this fabulous pose. Love my boys.
Even an eagle cooperated.
The day flew by. So, what else is new? But we were so happy. Then, on the actual Fourth, Bri's brood came back to watch fireworks with us, here on Golden Pond.
Giving thanks.