Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Celebrating Bri's 46th ♡

This year, we celebrated backwards birthdays. On Saturday night, before heading to Lyla's festivities on Sunday, we lit not-quite-46 candles for Bri's August 8th special day. We had Kell blow out a few candles, too. I was in the hospital on her July day and we never properly acknowledged it. To say her gift was late this year is putting it ever so mildly, but we love her nonethelessIt was a fun occasion...

When we arrived at the Old Homestead, Aubs and Gavin greeted us from the pool. Ah, now that was nice to see again. It was the perfect late afternoon/evening for a swim, as Momma Nature provided us with clearing and lovely weather, after a rather threatening day.

I'd read Todd Miner's article in New York State's CONSERVATIONIST magazine (below) that morning; it reminded me so much of something Brian had said as a very young boy. Ever observant about everything, this is the child who excitedly pointed out a full moon to me, as we rode the Holiday Mountain chairlift, one night when he was about ten years old. Well, that's how every little detail of life is looked upon, including our yard on Stacey… he dubbed it "Jungle Habitat" for all the wildlife we enjoyed for over forty years. You'll get the connection...

Gavin is clearly his son. He never misses a thing, inside or outside of the house, often taking a tour to see, "What's new, G'ma?"

Ever enterprising and ever enthusiastic, always having time to lend a hand if we need it… Brian is special and deeply loved. Our firstborn. 46. Hard to believe how time flies when you're having fun and lovin'…

Happy Birthday, Honey.
We love you so much.
Keep on being excited about everything that comes your way.