Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Of The Essay - A Lesson

In SWEET AND SOUR, Andy Rooney marveled at the fact that he could sit down with nary a thought to write about, only to produce an essay of some value to someone, somewhere in society. Why? He determined that readers are always intrigued by thoughts that writers express. Why? Well, because we truly do think so similarly... we just don't all take the time or have the desire to share our thoughts in print. Funny, though, 'cause we're grateful to have those very lightbulb moments affirmed in print. Yep, that's sort of what he marveled at. 

I agree with Andy's "60 Minutes" au revoir speech, during which he concluded, "Writers don't retire." 
Thanks, Andy...looking forward to more.
One Month Later... So saddened to hear that Mr. Rooney passed away. We had sincerely hoped for more and more of his well articulated wisdom.