Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Buck"...Horsemanship As It Applies....

...To Life
My Favorite Capture OBX 2011 NCS
Just give me an excuse to repost one of my absolute favorite photos of the year, taken this past May. In all his wildness, it's as though he posed for me. I have such a love for these animals, bringing me to an incredible documentary film, available now on Pay-Per-View. I started watching "Buck" because of the horses... the visuals. Very quickly, though, I understood the film's far deeper message. In addition, there is so much to learn for a distant observer of the horse world.

A Sundance award-winning film, it is about Buck Brannaman, who stars in the film, along with Robert Redford. The two men first met during the filming of "The Horse Whisperer". I hope you have both seen the film and read the book by Nicholas Evans. Each is so very gorgeous. Buck became an important mentor to RR... and his horse doubled for the star animal, in a very poignant scene. But I don't want to reveal too much, 'cause I'm hoping you'll seek this out to see for yourself.

Buck survived and overcame a childhood of brutal abuse; his father was violent. After the death of his gentle mother and when physical scars became evident to others, he and his brother were removed from the home. They were placed with an incredible family, and his new "Mom" also makes several appearances. He has managed to take unspeakable pain and reshape it into a unique sensitivity. His equine connections speak to life itself... so much to take away from his quiet views.

I loved everything about the film, going so far as to watch it twice. The musical score is lovely, but Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder's "Just Breathe" takes on a life of its own, during the film. G-d, it stops me in my tracks.