Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Song Choice

If there are two Neil songs that I dislike in concert, they're "Sweet Caroline" and "I'm A Believer". Why? Well, Lady C sounds nothing like she did, in the original version. She's been transformed into the voice of a repetitious anthem; this is fine for a ballgame. Back in the day, when concerts were three hours long, it was also okay to whoa-whoa in one reprise. But now? A triple play takes up way too much time. Please.....   
Can Anybody Hear Me? 

On to Believers. Clearly, I am one and have been so for decades. This aside, I couldn't help but empathize with the poor kid who did an awful rendition of my second choice, last night on "X Factor". It earned him the boot. Why didn't he ask me, if he wanted to sing Neil Diamond? I'd have chosen better. Whatever. My objection, as it applies "in concert"? Those danged horns that ND added years ago pierce my senses. Joe disagrees and likes the sound. But, then, he's a tad hard of hearing. No kidding; I'm not being facetious. I think that maybe the blow is softened. To add salt to the wound, Mr. Diamond decided to re-record the song in a slow version. Now, he does both in concert. Another time slot wasted in what is currently an under-two-hour show. Some songs should be left to Smash Mouth and Shrek, who did a fine job of popularizing the tune for yet another generation.

Song choice is everything... but the no-longer Solitary Man didn't ask me to choose his set list. I guess one just can't argue with success, though, as Joe frequently reminds me.