Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ever-Evolving Chicken Soup

We're in the midst of an arctic blast. No joke. After our balmy, nearly snowless winter thus far, it's been plunging to sub-zero temps. It's that nasty windchill factor, especially here on Golden Pond. So, I wanted chicken soup, yesterday. Thing is, I wasn't in the mood to start from scratch… or to go to the store. Enter the freezer…

In its depths, I found three mason jars of homemade chicken broth, each with about twelve ounces. Two more jars held about four ounces each of turkey and chicken drippings. The former would be from simmered chicken and veggie dinners; the latter from the last turkey breast I roasted, also with onions/veggies, some pieces remaining. After the contents were partially thawed, I skimmed all fat and poured into a soup pot. 

Then, I cooked about a half pound of ditalini (small pasta) in salted water till al dente. After rinsing with cold water to stop cooking, I added to broth and brought it all to a simmer… and then…

I added cubed chicken breast (from cutlets, also in the freezer) and let it cook at a soft simmer for about five minutes, till chicken was white and tender. Salt and pepper to taste and a hit of parsley - voilà! Yet another version of an old favorite, and… What a flavorful result, with a triple whammy of chicken - broth, drippings and poultry simmered to stay. 
This was delicious served with the Zojirushi banana bread I'd made in the morning, using ripened bananas from the freezer, as well as cacao nibs and almonds, all from…

Well, you've got the gist. There is not much that doesn't freeze well, thus helping us to avoid a grocery run on a frigid day.

To Note: Sure, you can used boxed or canned broth. But honestly? I've never - as in not ever - found one that compares to the homemade variety. Just go back and check out my (link) simmered chicken recipe; it's the meal that keeps on giving.

Buon Appetito. Stay warm.