Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Pan" Round 2 'n' Hunter's Mr. Smee

After Dawn saw last Thursday night's performance, she texted me that "…Hunter stole the show." I thought she was being a typical parent, just like Joe and I were when B or C did absolutely anything, back in the day. Nothing wrong with that. You know. :-) But then… but then…
Joe and I met Christian and Chloe for the Friday show. Guess what? She did not exaggerate. Hunter delivered the goods with the comedic timing of a pro. He truly did steal the show (blush, blush), receiving big laughs and cheers. Expression never left his face and he never stopped acting, even during downtime between lines… a lot of lines in what seemed like an expanded version of Smee. Love that boy and his joie de vivre. But not to forget…

The entire sixth-grade cast and their wonderful performances, fantastic costumes and amazing direction by Ms. Kim (I forget her married name) have had us cheering in awe, since showtime. There were lots of kudos for staff, parents and even grannies who all helped with the extras that made this a perfect production.

If you're keeping up with this week's news, you'll know that Billy Joel is not only crusading to keep a Long Island arts high school open, but has also contributed a million dollars to the cause, saying that music programs (or in this case a school) are always first cuts. Rarely are sports programs cut. Tragic. Nothing enhances a child's education or life more than exposure to the arts, especially when they participate for life.
Special thanks go out to Hunter's school principal who made it a point to welcome us and thrill us with praise for our boy. It enhanced our evening beyond words.
To Note: The same deal existed with photos as during last week's MHS play. Sooo, forgive the blur; I'm grateful for what I was able to capture.

And to our star - thank you for the beauty you bring to our lives. May the magic last forever.