Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snow - Or the Lack Thereof

We are normally considered to be in the snow belt of New York. Well, Friends, the times are a-changin', for sure.
A couple weeks ago, we headed into the Big Apple after they were pounded. Bridge traffic was a mess, but generally speaking, main roads were pretty well cleared. The above picture is a self-portrait of sorts. Can you find me, precariously holding my iPhone by an open window?

Yesterday's lakescape was snowless… the lake with just a touch of ice on it… still waters reflecting.

Finally, last night, we had an inch or two of the white stuff. Our lakescape changed a tad. A tad. It's February 9th and this is it. And now, the sun is shining with reflective stillness returned, so the white coating won't last for long.
Bizarro world? Global warming? Ah, poor Long Island. They were blasted again.