Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Peter Pan" Round I - MHS

Aubrey participated in the Monti Drama Club's fabulous production of Disney's "Peter Pan," last night. She had a boatload of fun with Abby and a few more of her pals who joined Stage Crew. They did a great job changing the incredibly artistic sets for the frontmen. The gray arrow will help you find her, behind Peter - we must teach our girl how to access the front row for kudos!
Meanwhile, another good friend, lovely Dana, landed the role of Wendy. Dana aspires to be a singer, dancer and thespian; she did a fantastic job portraying the darling Darling girl, as did ALL of the kids in their roles. We spotted Marley and Liza and Amelia, not forgetting the other children, all so very talented in their roles of Peter, Tink, Hook, Smee, Mermaids, Indians, Lost Boys, etc. Our Monti club allows for two aspiring actors to share lead roles. So, on Friday night, different children portrayed Peter, Hook and a few others. To me, this demonstrates dedication to craft 'n' kids by the powers that be. Also, I'd be remiss were I not to mention the gorgeous piano accompaniment by Mr. John Bernstein. The music never stopped, as sets changed… a wonderful score.
Y'all know the timeless story of my forever favorite, so I'll just share the pictures that turned out fairly well. There were a lot of blurry ones, as flash photography was not allowed and we were a tad far from the stage. After all, bright lights confuse fairies, so we adhered to the rules. :-) But you'll get the gist!
Now, it's on to Round II in Albany on Friday, when Hunter plays Mr. Smee in his drama club's depiction of the boy who'll never grow up.
Thanks to all at MHS for all the hard work that gifted us such a fun night.
To Note:
If some of these names are sounding familiar to you, that's because you've met the girls before on CMI. Small-town living has some huge advantages. Our beautiful, sweet Aubrey and her equally sweet pals have been friends since they were one-digit numbers in age. They're growing up together and have formed beautiful bonds. They are great academic students, musicians, thespians, athletes and human beings. We are so blessed to be able to watch them thrive.