Thursday, May 12, 2016

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

This puts Sorrento and Polly-O to shame. It does, however, compare to the city's Littly Italy version that we once got from Adam's in Newburgh - fresh on Thursdays, when I'd ride shotgun with Joe. Now that ricotta was pure and absolutely delicious.

If you've ever asked me what my favorite foods are, I've most likely answered homemade mozzarella and freshly whipped cream, minus the sugar, in all their purity. I'd have forgotten REAL ricotta cheese. There's a running theme, here.

The recipe is the simplest you'll ever find… a few ingredients and a little time. But let's be clear, it's not for the lactose intolerant or cholesterol challenged. Moderation is seriously key for all!
The transformation is magical. I saved the liquid whey for use later on. Waste not, want not! And to note, we used light buttermilk. I know, I know - kind of laughable, right? Point is, it worked. It's like having skimmed milk with a full-fledged brownie! Or like the TAB I asked my Dad to buy for me, as a teen, only to drink it along with some ice cream or cookies. That one baffled Dad. ♡ 
Alex Guarnaschelli on the Food Network gets all the credit. Here's her recipe:

Hot pasta with a "scoop-of" is on tonight's menu. YUM!
Then, there's lasagna, white pizza or just dabs of deliciousness.