Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yesterday - Part Two - CHLOE is a Star!

Did I mention that the weather was brilliant, yesterday? Sun. Seventies. Calm. I'm feelin' summer right around the corner. But I digress. It was the perfect day to meet Christian, Hunter and Chloe to watch my Little Pretty play soccer. She loves the sport, has excelled at a young age, and is on a couple of teams - spring and fall - including this one that travels. We met in Oneonta and enjoyed the ride up through greening mountains and endless farmland.

The girls play HARD, be assured. The score was 2-2 and we enjoyed every minute.

My guys cooperated with this fantastic, three-generation pose. Don't they look alike? Good gene pool, yes?!

Of course, Mambo joined us. He had an enormous big-screen "TV" to watch. A lot to absorb. :-)
Seems like enough for a day of perfection, but there's more. We all went out to a fun place for dinner, afterwards. Ah, those kids. Just precious. They own my heart.

Giving thanks for a beautiful Friday.

Bonus: Needed to take a break from writing this entry, 'cause Chloe FaceTimed me!