Thursday, May 19, 2016


Upon returning from congested NYC, last night, this was our view. Joe captured it when he went to fetch Mambo from his "daycare center." We are so grateful to thoughtful and kind Kip at Rock Ridge for allowing him to be picked up whenever we get back. Big Dog is an old man, now, and he suffers when confined to any size cage. Daycare helps him to fare fairly well.
This morning, we awakened to a crystal clear lake that reflected trees filling in with green, blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Gorgeous. Still. Food for great thought about the beauty of nature and the blessings of living lakeside.
Today promises to be a "whole" gorgeous day, with no violent rainstorms threatening. Time to do more planting, with the hope that nighttime frosts have left for good.
Back at the Old Homestead, Dad's gorgeous French lilac is in bloom. Joe stopped by to snap an annual picture for me. Look at that color. Ooooh, thanks, Dad. I love you.