Friday, May 20, 2016

Too Exhausted to Lift his Head to the Pillow

The other day, Joe had about four-hours-worth of errands to run. I grabbed the opportunity to use the time to groom Mambo. There would be no distractions; just the two of us. He was long and shaggy, couldn't see out of his hairy eyes, and simply a mess. It seems that I'm the only one he's a perfect gentleman for, when it comes to this arena. A hundred-and-thirty pound pooch has a very large and strong head. If he decides to thrash it about, no groomer stands a chance. For moi, though? You wouldn't believe it…
Thing is, poor baby was pooped and we think he's still in recovery. Judging by this capture of Joe's, wouldn't you agree? He couldn't get that big noggin onto his comfy bed. Funny position to catch some zzzzzz's. But, hey, who's to judge??!!