Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Real" Food

My biggest complaint about Sullivan County does not lie in its lack of shopping malls. Been there - done that. We are well compensated by its abundance spectacular mountains and pristine lakes. Yes, the great outdoors. Rather, it lies in the area's lack of fine dining. Even the "better" restaurants do not use the best of ingredients. And then, there are the mediocre chefs. Everything tastes like a version of fast food, to me….

When we had reason to be near a favorite Chinese haunt in Westchester County, the other day, we took advantage. They have live fish and lobster tanks. All it took was the power of suggestion for moi… done in a delightful ginger and scallion sauce… yum. Joe chose his usual ribs with a huge bowl of seafood, broccoli rabe and noodle soup… yum twice. They serve up the real deal, comparable to the various Chinatowns we've visited. Thing is, twice has a price…

The next day, Joe's credit card had been used not once, not twice, but thrice. Yep, three attempted charges to the tune of one grand, all declined. They emanated from none other that Westchester County and the only place Joe had used the card. We have our suspicions, as all were "girlie" charges. But the manager didn't want to hear about the incident. So now, it's a new card and the inconvenience of changing various websites. 

Ah, the price one pays for a delicious meal.
Buon Appetito and Beware!