Monday, October 17, 2016

Anniversary Cruise

We are enjoying an amazing Indian Summer, known by many other names throughout the world. So, what to do? Yesterday, we chose a nice, long kayak ride. Oh my, and in the middle of October. We left the craft lakeside, as it is supposed to hit almost eighty degrees, midweek, before giving us a snowflake or two, next week. Still, I'll always keep those warm weather items handy, unlike years ago when seasons were SEASONS. :-) Remember the days of carefully packing summer or winter clothing away? Remember last Christmas, when upstate NY temps were balmy? Case rested. I digress…
The foliage is changing rapidly, now, and falling fast, too. Gorgeous, as it morphs.
We headed to the cove at the very end of Golden Pond. The water is extremely low and we experienced a near disaster going over a stump. I had visions of NIK, Joe et moi taking a swim. Much to our surprise, there were,  by our best guess-timate, about a hundred Canadian geese gathered. Of course, we spooked some of them by getting too close. Needless to say, they'll be migrating very soon. We'd actually thought they were already gone, as our lawn has been spared for many weeks. Bye-Bye, Birdies.
Upon returning to our cute little house that we love so much, we harvested our cute little punkin'. Hey, don't judge!!