Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stuffing - A Sh*t Recipe

My elderly neighbor on Stacey and I used to trade an occasional recipe. We both JUST cooked, so more often than not, instructions were vague. She dubbed these delicious dishes as "sh*t" recipes. You can fill in the blank. I found myself concocting such a beast, this morning. My first contribution to the freezer for Turkey Day. I'll never remember the gazillion ingredients, if I don't make note of them now.

First step was to cube all the potato rolls, both burger and hot dog, left from summer and let them dry in a low oven, while I…

Melted a stick of pure butter (hey, Thanksgiving comes just once a year) and EVOO in a large pan. Into that went lots of chopped onions, carrots, celery, scallions, apples and diced garlic, all tossed with sea salt, pepper, paprika and a chunk of ginger root. Lots of stirring and browning created the perfect pan to deglaze with red wine, after which I removed the ginger and added some defatted chicken drippings. Tossed the whole shebang with the bread cubes and broken cashews. Then placed in a Pam-sprayed aluminum pan for the freezer. Turkey drippings will top off the stuffing on the actual day. I do not stuff the bird, as the browning effect is the best!! If you can live without sausage or whatever, this vegan variety is delicious. Taste-tested by moi. :-)

Buon Appetito!