Sunday, October 16, 2016

FIFTY Blessed Years ♥

Joe and I are grateful on so many levels. Fifty years of marriage, plus two of engagement, after six months of dating. Long-distance dating and engagement, I might add. Lots of phone calls and amazing letters filled the gaps. There was no messaging, back in the Dark Ages. Ahem.

When I was upset by the rain on the morning of our wedding day, my beloved Gran told me it was all good. In all her wisdom, she said, "Honey, rain blesses a marriage." It cleared in time for our outdoor reception and I'm guessin' the rest is now history. Gran was right. Here we are…

Basking in the glow of our beautiful family. What more can we ask for. Last night was beyond a blast, topping off our pre-celebration just a few weeks ago in Corolla. Perfect. To look around that table… no words.
And so, we share our photos, at the same time looking forward to Thanksgiving. G-d willing, we'll all be together again, giving thanks and sharing love.

Thank you, Children and GrandLoves, for a beautiful evening and for the beyond-lovely gifts and heartwarming cards. We love you all… the sunshine of our lives.