Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Breather

Bleary-eyed from choosing and editing photos, I thought it time for a little break. This is not a complaint... really! Shopping for material things is behind me... YIPPEE! The next few weeks hold my true pleasure in the holiday season.

Looking back to my heyday of quilting and crafting, I recall spending hours, days, weeks in what Joe called my "sweatshop". Handmade gifts have always defined the holiday spirit, for me. As I work, I savor thoughts of each recipient... what I feel for him or her; how each has enhanced my life by making me feel special; how each inspires me.

Creative avenues are always opened to change, especially since Mac and I have become fast friends. My love of photography is enjoyed more than ever... this said as I sort through a year's worth of memories, reflecting on the warmth of each. Pictures really do stop time. More importantly, they have the ability to conjure up in this old heart the deeply rooted good fortune I feel to love and be loved. Yes; the kids' books have become my favorite of all projects. Who can resist those big eyes and bigger smiles?