Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 has flown by! It seems impossible to be sitting here on the morning of the last day of yet another year, reflecting on its treasures. As a child, I was always anticipating this or that event and saying, as most children do, "I can't wait for...." My Dad would respond, "Nick, don't rush your life away; it goes fast enough." Ah, were truer words ever spoken?

Our flurry of events this past year certainly afforded us lots of lovin' memories, fairly well chronicled right here in "Color Me Inspired". I am grateful, but it sure was a blur!! My hope is that your year was memorable in its happiness.

Santa replicas shall soon be tucked away, as the tree is dismantled. We'll leave the outside lights for awhile, though. There is something so comforting about their reflections of yet another kind, seemingly bouncing from window to window in our home, and warming the blustery effects of the Great Outdoors.

Here's to warm, twinkling bright lights in 2010.