Saturday, December 5, 2009


Sometimes, it's so important to stick with a gut feeling; my case in point follows:

Ike was pretty down and out, just a couple weeks ago, but we were not ready to give up on him. Armed with lots of meds and fresh bandages, we brought him home to recoup some strength, post surgery. We doubted our choice for awhile... he wasn't doing so well... till yesterday, when he seemed to perk up.

He had not been to our second story in months, unable to maneuver the stairs. So, this morning, when I heard the bedroom door being nudged open, I said, "Hey there, Mambo; how are you doin' today?" No big, black, hairy face presented at my side; rather I heard the master bath door being opened. I looked to see Ike, knowing just what was coming down! Sure enough, he reappeared with a washcloth. You see, one of his idiosyncrasies since puppy-dom has been to execute just that little act of theft. Imagine my joy, when he walked over to greet me, washcloth in jaw.

However long he has, I'm so glad we gave him (and us) the chance at some borrowed time. We owe him. He is the soul who helped us through empty-nest syndrome over a decade ago... would not have made it without him!