Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Middle Of Nowhere

Ike's good fortune, mentioned in the post below, left us with a vacant vet appoint-
ment. We decided to put it to good use, in catching Mambo up with necessary shots. So, off we went for the drive through very beautiful countryside. I moan and groan about the distance and inconvenience; but on a bright, sunny day, it's an enjoyable experience. Yesterday didn't disappoint.

This particular doctor tends to farm animals, too; he makes barn calls... worth a mention, as you shall see.

It seems to be that the middle of nowhere is Alpaca country. Our first visit to this vet's afforded us a meet-and-greet with a baby (link) Lovable. This time 'round, we saw a few grazing outside of a gorgeous farmhouse. Next time, I hope to get some more significant pictures of this neat place, with its grounds that are tiered into corrals for various animals: Alpacas, cows, ostriches, horses. It's a fantasyland.