Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Presence Vs. Presents

And so, another Christmas has gone by and made its way to the memory bank. We are grateful for having been blessed with the presence of our precious loved ones. Their presents were all dynamite and thoughtful, too; but absolutely nothing beats their presence.

Everyone found the child within themselves once again, as we celebrated the most significant birth*day of all. Here, the youngest and the oldest of our GrandLoves adorn their Great G'ma, whose smile of appreciation says it all.

Please stay tuned, as I wish for you all to see Great G'ma in her youth and at the wonderful young-love stage of life, with my Dad... photo to come on New Year's Eve. It's a stunner from yet another memory past. Till then, enjoy this holiday week. We'll try, with 35-mph winds blowing around 12-degree air! Brrrr.