Thursday, December 17, 2009

Master Of His Craft

During a quick escape yesterday, we saw "Everybody's Fine", in which no one was actually fine, at all. Ultimately, all but one character fell upon his or her modified happy ending; ah, in just two hours! Whatever. It's impossible to summarize the vast emotional content of the film, as it metaphorically dissects the roller coaster that is life (a million feet of PVC-coated telephone wire, carrying good and bad news). Maybe, though, its message regards the need to find glimmers of bliss during our own trials and tribulations. Again, whatever. The film is definitely not a dose of holiday cheer, but it leaves the viewer with much to think about; and that makes it good.

Quick synopsis over, let me now say that Robert DeNiro was not just good; he was brilliant in his role... so amazing as to allow this viewer to forget she was watching an actor play a part. He becomes his character, with every worthy wrinkle on his face speaking for what his heart is feeling... haunting, in a sense. Yes, he's most definitely a master of his chosen craft.

Then there is the music, always of interest and importance to me, and more mastery here. A film that starts with a "P" and ends with a "P" can only be good listening. It kicks off with Perry Como's "Catch A Falling Star", a song of my youth, and ends with Paul McCartney's new "I Want To Come Home", written for the movie.

Wishing you a table full of loved ones this holiday season.