Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Personify The Beach and we become its guardians. Precious, you know, and a treasure to protect for future generations. We quickly hooked up with our T-cousins and picked up, right where we'd left off - gotta luv those Stop & Shop reunions! :-)

Most need time to acclimate to all that crashing sound, sand and salt. Not us. "What did you do?" ask friends, who simply cannot fathom eight-hour stretches of time away from technology and tourist attractions, aka shops. Hey, we're prepared! Lots of Numbers 15-to-50 and adequate umbrellas. The rest is G-d given, and we were blessed with a beautiful week, save for one day. Not to worry. We played "Tourist" till the guys were drenched to the bone. We don't fold easily.
It was delightful to spend time with K, N and M. Individual chats with each once again demonstrated that outer beauty is easily identified, but the unique inner variety needs to be discovered and mined, like precious gems. Great girls. When B's brother and family joined us, it got even better. Their two children are equally gorgeous, as you might recall from my raves of last year. Classic beach bums, we all blend well.
Beach Home, Sweet Home...Dunkin' In Hand