Thursday, August 4, 2011


Redefining Bird's Eye View
I Only Wanted To Play
Ike got into a bit of mischief, today. He quietly asked to go out. I say "quietly" because if there's an animal in the yard, he usually goes nuts at the door. You know - the old hunting genes kick into play. So, no need to investigate, prior to opening the slider. I let him go and returned to my chores. Next thing I knew, there was loud squawking coming from the Great Wild. I looked out just in time to see him being attacked by two robins. I quickly called him in, grabbed my camera and headed back out. In the grass was a juvenile bird, evidently the victim of failed flight. The parents soon rescued him, and resumed lessons. Whew. That was a close call... for both the pooch and the young 'un!