Friday, August 5, 2011

The Yankees Win ** The YAN-KEES Win!

Glory Days
So, a couple of weeks ago, Hunter went to his very first Yankee game with Daddy Christian. Boys' Day Out was a huge success. We received a very happy phone call and (personal) photo, and... the Boys Of Summer won. With each pitch that Hunter successfully caught last Saturday at Minne, he demonstrated  Catcher Russell Martin's slide. Kids are so impressionable! Now, our Little Man has two Yankee idols. Russell has joined the ranks of el Capitano, with a play that won a little boy's heart.

Gosh, ya just gotta luv the Yankee tradition. Seems like just yesterday that I was a kid who raced home from school to watch the World Series on TV. They were afternoon games, way back when. Then, a heartbeat later, we took Brian and Christian to their first game. The old Stadium. "We'll meet at the bat," became the mantra, when we'd meet our grown Christian at games. And then there's that other (link) Christian. You remember him, right? Well, just look here, at where kindness and selflessness can get a soul. He did the right thing. He's feelin' the glow. It's a win-win.

There's another winning mention, in this here Yankee update. It's the HBO special, "Derek Jeter 3K". Watch it! You'll be astounded, I promise - even if you're not a NY fan. Have tissues handy, for those sentimental tears.