Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gifts ♡

At the beginning of our holiday, Joe found a starfish, washed up to shore and drying in the sand. He gifted it to me; I was so thrilled, though yet unaware of the extent of star population!

Y'all met Adelina last year... the sweetest child... clearly an old, beachcombing soul. For hours on end, she'd wander the shoreline, delving into the goppiest seaweed to produce living starfish of varying sizes. Some were no larger than my pinky nailShe'd place them in a transparent sand pail that had been outfitted properly to simulate a fish's environment. It was fun to observe their silhouettes, as they wriggled to the side walls. At the end of the day, she'd bid them a fond farewell and set them free. 
An intrigued and intriguing child, when asked what her favorite interests are, she replied, "Reading and writing." I doubt not that her first novel will include stories of beach beauty. Maybe she'll gift me a signed first edition, to go with the shell she gave to me? "Nicki, I found this for you... it reminded me of a heart." It's a treasure to be enjoyed in conjuction with thoughts of a favorite beach buddy.
While Big Sis was charming the fishes, comical Baby Bro was busy building rafts for an imaginary voyage and racing up and down dunes, obviously there to be conquered. With wicked cuteness, a wry sense of humor and an arsenal of knock-knock jokes, one could not help but be enamored. 
 Ah, children - the greatest gifts - stars all.
 H'art Me! ♥