Monday, August 1, 2011

So, Who Exactly ARE G'ma 'n' G'pa?

We're still chuckling over Saturday's adventure in Minne. Kids. They truly DO say the darnedest things. Art Linkletter understood, so many moons ago. 
At one point, Hunter, Chloe and their friend, Sadie, wandered to the "big rock", to do a little climbing. Within our view, but a tad far for our liking, I decided to stroll over, camera in hand. As soon as Hunter spotted me, he shouted, "G'ma, come on over." "I am, Honey; I'd like to get a few shots." With somewhat lowered voice, or so he thought, he emitted a groan-like sound and said to Sadie, "That's G'ma. She takes pictures." "I heard that, Hunter!said I, laughingly. Ah, I so wish I could have captured his ensuing belly laugh.

I'd arrived at the base of the boulder, when Hunter informed me,
 "I don't like to take pictures, when I'm having fun." "Oooh-kay... just ignore me." The tables turned, when he'd climbed to the top. "One more, G'ma. WaitOne more. Just ONE more." 

By then, Gramps had joined us... and none too soon. He was in the nick of time to help Little Girl in joining Big Bro. Well, he's the strong one. He's so fun! He did a ton of lifting, playing and climbing, himself... trust me!

And so go G'ma 'n' G'pa. We're a team. We even switch up positions, on occasion... and STILL, we're chuckling.