Monday, August 15, 2011

Up, Up 'n' Away

We were in for a treat, shortly after our departure on the sixth. It was barely daybreak on a cloudy morn, when we spotted a gorgeous hot air balloon. We felt quite colorfully inspired, and then... two more appeared in a sky that was trying to paint itself blue. 
It was a nice trip from then on, and we landed at the Bourne Canal welcome kiosk in what seemed like very little time. We relaxed for a bit, praising ourselves for an early departure and timely arrival on the Cape.
You don't want to know about the ensuing traffic, from the Sagamore Bridge on. A moot point, now, the ridiculous two hours to Wellfleet, where we checked into our immaculate cottage. Then, it was a rush to Race Point to get our four-wheel-drive permits. Next, we hit Herring Cove, at the very tip of Provincetown.

Beach loves were abun-
dant. The blend of grasses, roses and hips, otherwise known as beach tomatoes, posed for a favorite shot. So pretty... and SO wild, unlike similar varieties, cultivated for our gardens.
A stop at the even-wilder bathhouses (use your imaginations - it is, after all, P-town) produced a view of the surf, as it climbed the stairway to the dunes.

Not a pretty evening for a sunset, we left to fortify our-
selves with dinner and sleep. We'd need energy to watch crashing waves, for hours on end. Yes, the next few days would bring us to Head Of The Meadow and Race Point beaches, on the National Seashore. Thanks, JFK, for that signature, fifty years ago this month.
It felt good to be back to pristine shores.